23 September 2010

Spoilt again

Now this REALLY must stop.  I've been spoiled again by Sue Anna.

No, I don't mean it - honestly.  I LOVE being spoiled and very, very much appreciate it too.

Look at what she sent me yesterday.  Beads - beautiful, bright and sparkly beads.  Thread - Yarnplayer's wonderful thread in four thicknesses and to go with it Ezybobs to store it on.  I love those things.  Ooooh, and chocolate which I hid from Nick as he's not allowed choccies anymore!!!!  The beads are all sizes and there are some lovely red hearts which are crying out to be turned into Winsome drop earwigs.

Thank you SO much, Sue Anna. 


Karrieann said...

OOOOOooo those are fun things to play with!!!. Have fun!

Sally Kerson said...

Jane what a gorgeous parcel, you will have such fun with all those threads and beads. I'll say it again Sue Anna is truly generous. Look forward to seeing all those goodies on my next visit, if you haven't already used them!!!

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Happy Beaks
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