7 November 2023

Thank you

Thank you for all your support yesterday and I do have further news.  
There are at LEAST two further books being sold by different ‘authors’ with exactly the same introduction and layout of the cover.  However the other two have used other people’s images, I think.  

One poor lady who commented on Facebook or this blog said she’d ordered 12 books and they all turned out to be the same.  Fortunately Amazon refunded her money but what a nasty experience.

Here are two more links to the original book - here and here so it’s obviously going to be impossible to stop this rash of thefts.

Here are images of the other two books.

6 November 2023

A CROSS Monday Moan - copyright theft

I have a good friend who ‘tipped me the wink’ on Friday about a book she’d seen for sale on eBay (picture below). 

Can you see why I’m cross?  Yes the image on the right is mine and the original can be found for free here and has been available for the past 17 years!!!  What really annoys me is that people are paying money to buy the book (which probably has more stolen work inside) when they could probably get them all for free (like mine).  

I’ve ordered the book, which pains me as I’m buying my own work, and will report on the contents when it arrives.

Other action I’ve taken is to contact eBay.co.uk and eBay.com who have both removed the book although, to be honest, it might have been the seller as I contacted them too.  Amazon are ‘considering my request’ as well and I’m leaving reviews on sites where I find the book but can’t find how to contact them.  AbeBooks have removed it too.  

There will be more on this ‘issue’ as research continues.  If you see the book elsewhere could you tell the seller etc that it is using copyrighted pictures and (to yet be proved) probably patterns too.  TBC.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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