21 June 2019

Blue t-shirt

Now for another boring and hardly worn t-shirt of roughly the same age as the brown one. 

This time I decided to go for 'freedom' tatting!!! 

Well it took four shuttles (yellow, green, pale blue variegated and 'another' variegated thread) to make this.

All beginning ends were hidden in the starting flower at the top and the finishing ones in the last part. I only had one end to sew in!!!! 

All I did here is 'play' with daisy picot rings and split chains to return from the 'branched' flowers back to the main stem. 

This was terrific fun and was done solely for the blue t-shirt. The original t-shirt is at the bottom of the page.

20 June 2019

A boring old t-shirt!

Now this t-shirt must be around 14 years old. I know because I rarely buy clothes from Lands End here in the UK as they don't have any outlets - well none in my neck of the woods.

This was bought at West Gate Mall in Cincinnati and it was when Nick and I used to go and stay with the 'kids'. Karen used to take us to the Mall as there was a department in Sears that sold Lands End clothes. 

I've got several t-shirts still that I wear from that era but this brown one was so boring it sort of got regularly shoved to the back of the drawer. I'm now trying to re-wear/re-purpose my older clothes so that they don't go into landfill and help destroy our planet. So this is what I've done to this t-shirt and I LOVE it now. 

It's really a lovely chocolate brown (don't mention chocolate to me!!!) and now looks a lot better for some TLC!!!!

18 June 2019

New DPR technique page

Now I showed you this a week or so ago. It's just a snippet from a new design I've been playing with.

Well of course one thing leads to another in my little corner of Tat Land and I realised it was about time I settled down and re-vamped my Daisy Picot page which you can find here.

I can't tell you how lovely it is to start playing with colours again!!!

I hope this page will help as the new design will be using the DPR!!!

17 June 2019

Juliana is finished

Or should I call it by it's new name - 'that blue thing'!!!!

This took hours and hours and HOURS to sew onto the backing and it does look a lot better in real life than it does here!!

The update on the pattern release is that I will add it to my site sometime in the future with the copyright assigned to 'unknown'.  I've agonised over this for ages and ages and I decided that if I didn't publish it then it would in all likelihood never be made again.

Tim has kindly offered to test tat it and has found a few glitches already. He's amazing at the job as he takes it so carefully and watches out for all my boo boo's.

Here's a link to where I started off on this adventure but there are many other posts on it's progress too as those amongst you who get bored easily will be able to affirm!!!!

Now I'm going to play, play, play and I will NOT be using blue thread for a while, I don't think!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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