24 March 2012

Help required, please

Don't forget - it's Pop A Bobbin Shuttle time and the new Hooks with Hats too.  Another page has been added to the top of the blog here with a few pictures and prices.

Just a quick question today to those who have ever bought the poke proof pouches from my Etsy shop. 

I've started cutting out some more of these (along with the roly poly tat bags) and wondered if anybody ever uses the tiny (and annoyingly fiddly to make!) small bobbin holders that I've been selling along with the pouches.  They come with the set and look like the one below.

The thing is that not only are they fiddly to make but I'm wondering if they're even useful.  If they are I will make more but if not then I'll not bother!!!

I know that personally I have a long holder which holds about 8 bobbins which is in my carry about bag and which I do use but these small ones - well . . . . . . . .   So, I might start a new line in long bobbin holders so how many bobbins would a bobbin holder need to hold?  Sounds like a riddle does that!!!!

All comments would be very welcome.

23 March 2012

More shuttles!

Just a quick post this morning.  
There will be another batch of Pop A Bobbin Shuttles in my Etsy shop on Saturday.  I'll list them at nine o'clock on Saturday evening.  That's 21.00 GMT.  

Also there will be a few of the new hooks - probably should be called 'Hooks with Hats' as that's just what they have!!  

Here's a list of what I've got and you'll see that there's only one of the double ended hooks.  The singles are 0.4mm and the double is the same but with a 0.6mm at the other end.

Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite!!!  For pictures of shuttles (and prices) please visit the tab on my blog here.

Ebony with hook 2
Zebrano no hook 2
Zebrono with hook 2
Cocobolo Rosewood - with hook 4
Purple Heart with hook 5
Purple Heart no hook 1
American Black Walnut with hook 1
American Black Walnut no hook 1
Apple with hook 3
Apple no hook 1
Afrimosa with hook 1
Teak with hook 1

Hooks with Hats
Zebrano (0.4)  2
Cocobola Rosewood (0.4)  2
Purple Heart (0.4)  3
Purple Heart (0.4 / 0.6) 1

22 March 2012

Pink earrings!

Do you remember this tshirt?  Well I HAD to have the accessories too, didn't I?!?!?  

You wouldn't believe what a slobby dresser I am really!! My style is so 'casual' it's almost horizontal!!!  I mainly wear tshirts and trousers in the winter and those vary from jeans to jeans to 'other' similar trousers!!!  In the summer my favourite is skirts and I have one that I've had SO long it's almost antique.  It's denim too!!!

But I DO love my bit of bling.  So to cheer up the tshirt I made earrings and a pendant to 'match'. Here they are!

21 March 2012

A field of goats!!!

Look what Riet sent in on Monday - a field of goats!!!
In spite of a very bad cold Riet went to her guild meeting last weekend and these all came along too.  Did you know that Riet translates the TIAS each year for the Dutch tatters?  She also gallantly picks up on all my mistakes too!!!

Thank you, Riet and also thank you to all her guild.

20 March 2012

Pendant and earwigs

The last of my submissions to the Tat Days team is this set of pendant and earrings.  

Now you'd never believe the things that can develop from a goat's body!!!  Well here's a pendant that did!!!

OK so it's a BIT like (well, a lot, really) other ones I did with the metal centres here.  This one is made without and I thought it would be a simple 'conversion' but no, of course it proved to be 'interesting'!!!

Why without the metal middle?  Well in the past when I've been lucky enough to be chosen to teach at Palmetto I've used specific 'things' which have then proven hard to get hold of.  Remember this journey started originally with this.  Then Irma so VERY kindly sent me these and they have kept me very busy.  Thanks again, Irma - I'm still working with these.

In past searches of craft shops in the UK (few and far between) and the USA we've drawn a blank  or have struggled to find specific findings so this time I decided to avoid that by a re-design.

Anyway this is what I eventually came up with - all done in one 'hit' too.

19 March 2012

Doodles GALORE!

This is the penultimate pattern - or, should that be patterns, that I've submitted for a teaching position at Palmetto Tat Days.

Doodles - lotsa, lotsa doodles.  There are a few old ones but most are brand new.  From marine life to the high life (angels)!!!  If there are old ones there then they've been 'modernised'.

In fact there are 28 doodles.  After that I ran out of steam.  There might be two lessons of doodles if that's what's required.  All skills and a bit of 'trickery' are involved in these.  Total fun.  Fun to design and fun to tat too.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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