30 August 2019

A few more

What is sleep? I’m beginning to wonder after the last few days of making the shuttle button earrings!!!

This may be my last post for a while as I’m leaving on Monday for ‘pastures new’. Well, not new as I’ve been lucky enough to be able to be selected for Palmetto Tat Days a few times in the past.  I’ll probably schedule a post for Monday but I’ll have to see what I’ve got in drafts.  

I just LOVE going to any Tat Days although it’s a lot of preparation which goes on for months and months starting with the design work and finishing with the inevitable last minute panics!!!! 

I always feel so ‘at home’ at Tat Days and get to spend quality time with some very, very dear friends too. They know who they are as they transport me, feed me and put up with me and my quirks.  This also applies to my trips to the Fringe Element (in Canada) too. 

29 August 2019


I’m a very, very happy old git. This earwig (aka earring) is now sorted.

The only problem I have now is that they sparkle too much to be successfully photographed. That’s my excuse as it could be down to the photographer!!!

I’m going to bring as many as I can make to sell at Palmetto Tat Days next weekend. So here’s today’s offerings.  Hope I remember to pack my clothes before I leave on Monday!!!

28 August 2019

Nearly ‘there’

Well this is the ‘nearly there’ version of the shuttle button earring.

Yes, that’s what it’s going to be - an earring. All I need to do now is tweak the stitch count slightly (it’s always hard to do ‘slightly’) and it’ll be ‘done’.

The button is just an inch long but I doubt that anybody will be able to find more of them for sale. I throw out a challenge to you all to find a button like this.  It measures 1” in length.  

Anyway when I get back from America in late September I’ll try and make a tatted middle for this design so that anybody can make it. Meanwhile I’m going to make as many as I can to sell at Palmetto Tat Days - coming up shortly!

27 August 2019

It’s going to be a wotsit!

Progress (or lack of!) continues with the shuttle button - see my first/second attempts here

Why do I always over complicate things when I’m designing?

Can you see that I’ve tried to link the beads at the side to those at the bottom? I think (or should that now be thought) that the tatting ought to be anchored at the bottom of the button as well as the side. Well I’ve changed my mind!! They say a lady is entitled to change her mind and as I’m a female OG (old git).  I sometimes count myself as a ‘lady’ too!!!

So that idea has been firmly scrapped but I’ve now got a better one which I’ll show you tomorrow - IF you behave yourselves!!!

26 August 2019


This is how far I’ve got (see below) after the start I made a few days ago and now I’m stopping for a while so I’ve got plenty to get on with while I’m waiting around at the airports. 

You may wonder what the piece of yellow/green thread is doing on the one motif - but again you may just have thought it was a mistake!!! 

It’s there because that motif is a different colour to the other two. YES IT IS!! It may not look like it but it really is. I’m doing this in a size 40 and have two different shades of white/cream so I needed to mark the central one for when I’m working on it in a gloomy place.

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Happy Beaks
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