27 September 2019

What a HOOT

I have the most amazing friends in Tat Land and one of them (Lorena) gave me this little dish. Again I can't imagine how anybody could design this let alone print it out in a 3D printer. 

This is going to sit by my chair as it will 'contain' my odds and ends like scissors, small crochet hooks, coilless safety pins etc. 

I must admit this tickles me to bits that so much time and effort was put into a gift. The little tag (which could also be a shuttle too) will go onto my key ring - just in case I need to give proof of identity at any time!!!  Thank YOU, Lorena.

26 September 2019

What fun

One evening at Palmetto (or it could’ve been another time of the day) there was a class which I was able to take on decorating a shuttle. I've never been particularly interested in decorating shuttles but wandered into the room.  I'm so glad I did.

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge put forward by Tonya and Phyllis and came out wondering if this idea of decorating shuttles could be my next career move. Must ask BC3 before I make a decision!!!

Anyway, while I ponder that question, I'll show you what I achieved in my taster session of decorating shuttles. I'm actually pleased with this!

25 September 2019

Thread talk

I went to Tat Days with a shopping list!!! It wasn't a very big one as I already have a good stash of threads but I was running out of some colours and then got 'tempted' into some of the new Lizbeth plain colour ways!  I think I came home with three balls only but I'm not telling anybody and I hope you won’t either!

These two spools must be my all time favourites which Jenni gave me. The threads are by AlenAleaDesign whoes site you can find here. Can't wait to try them out but will take my time finding the right design to make it up with.

Thanks, Jenni.  They're amazing.

24 September 2019

I bought shuttles!!

Well what are Tat Days for except buying goodies?!

Do I need anymore shuttles? No. Did I want any more shuttles? No. I have two favourites and plenty of those too. Number one of those are my good old Aero England shuttles. Number two are the Clover bobbin shuttles and that's 'it' really. 

BUT I saw and tried the new Dreamlit shuttle (thank you, Handy Hands and Barb Foster for getting these made) while I was at Tat Days and was (thankfully) sorely tempted and gave into temptation too!!! 


Easy to wind, easy to put together and take apart (they're magnetic) and they seem to hold a lot more thread too. Fine in my hands etc, etc. I'm hooked!

Yes, they have a hook too!!

23 September 2019

Home again.

Sadly back home after another amazing trip to Palmetto Tat Days. The friends I have over in America are truly amazing and look after the old git so, so well. It's hard to leave but I'm hoping to be back sometime. 

This week (and probably a bit more) I'll be talking about the things I brought home with me - that's beside some great memories too.

First of all let's talk shuttles. 

Today it's the contrast between a wooden one and a 3D printed one. I still can't get the ancient head around 3D printing and would love to see it done sometime. 

Here are the two I was given side by side.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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