19 October 2018

Another 'thing' out of the way

Weeeeeellllll, nearly!!!

I finished this while I was sitting in the library last week.  What a relief although I must admit I've enjoyed playing with the possibilities of HWT (hand wound thread) and I'm sure I'll do another project like this sometime in the future.

The photo is of it pressed and laid on a piece of black fabric which I will sew it to.  Why?  Well I've found it's easier to store like that.  

Yes, another candidate for the boxes of tatting that I already have!!!!  

Now, what shall I do next?!?!?

18 October 2018

Winter is coming!!

Yes it's on the way and instead of getting colder it's (so far) been getting warmer!!

I don't feel the cold. Not nowadays. Probably because I'm getting too much weight around my middle - must do something about that!!! 

Because I don't feel the cold I don't need bulky clothes especially on my arms. I can 'manage' with long sleeved t-shirts (or tops) for most of the time but it's nice to have something extra to put on when I go out in the cold wind. So I decided I really 'needed' a sleeveless waistcoat (vest for those who don't speak English English!!!!). 

I have the pattern in the picture way below and I made it up as a cardigan a few years ago. I'll admit - I've not worn it above two or three times but I thought the sleeveless version might be better for me. I've started it but instead of the 'fancy' pattern below the bust I'm going for the plainer pattern at the top - treble crochet with 'holes'!!!! 

It's taken some brain power from BC3 to work out how many chains to start off with but I think I'm on track. Time will tell!!!!  Wish I had Jane McLellan's talents with crochet and knitting projects.

17 October 2018

Kay's earrings

Wooopppeeee.  Problem now solved!!!  I got BC3 in the right frame of mind yesterday afternoon and a little more research (which yielded nothing!) made him come out of the woodwork.  I downloaded another browser (I've already got two 'on the go') and now it works and I can follow and comment on blogs again.  I was using Safari but now have Opera so now I'm singing my little heart out!!!!

Now this is a pattern I make time and time again. I love making it - tat's all!!!! 

In fact it was a good seller in the library too and I wish I'd made more in more colours!!! Next time, perhaps (if there is one) !!!

This is from Kay who also has given the pattern a 'whirl'. She told me the following:

"Just wanted to let you know I've tried your earrings with buttons pattern....for the first. These aren't perfect, but I will try another color combination and try to make them a bit better. I was going for Christmas colors that could be worn at other times too. :-)"

A day later Kay sent in the blue, yellow and green pair.  Yummy.

Just in case you want to make a pair - the free pattern is here. 

16 October 2018

I've been a BAD 'girl'

Well that's what I feel like. I feel like I'm being punished and badly too. I'm not sure how to rebel against all this either.

Let me explain. I'm having blogger problems. I can no longer comment on SOME blogs. I'm sure this is a vendetta against me and I don't know what to do about it.

I've been writing to Jane who's one of the bloggers I like to comment on but have been unable to do so now for weeks. After some research we both realised that it might be something to do with Google + so we've both unlinked our accounts from Google +. It's being phased out anyway and it's something I've never used so 'out with the old'!!!  This is from blogger itself.

I thought I'd cracked it by doing that but it's not changed a thing. I have my own comments on moderation and have lately been receiving quite a few spam comments but those are easily dealt with and I don't think they're related to the problem. 

I'm showing you my settings in the picture below and also what I see under a blog post (2nd picture) although this doesn't apply to ALL the blogs I visit.  When I click on 'google account' it does nothing as the alternative ('select profile') is greyed out.  As I'm already signed into Google it doesn't make sense. I can write a comment and 'publish' it but it doesn't arrive where it's meant to.  In fact it disappears into cyberspace.  

If anybody can come up with a solution I'd be VERY, VERY grateful or if anybody is having similar problems please let me know.  Also check your comments moderation too - I may have got through and you may have missed it.  OR there again perhaps my comments ain't worth publishing!!!!

15 October 2018

Four days in the


That's what I did last week. I spent four days (well, almost four as we had to finish early on Saturday) upstairs in our library.

Stratford library is old. Old beams inside and outside. Here's a link to read all about it although you'll have to scroll down a little way.

The reason for this was because a group of seven of us got together to hold a sale. This was mainly spinning and weaving and related offshoots of that. I was invited along too so my table was a little different to the others although, having said that, I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of items we had for sale.

As far as I was concerned I had a successful four days. I sold quite a lot although waaaaay too cheaply (as I was told time and again) but for me it was a matter of making room for me to make more things!!! Mission accomplished.

The pictures below show some of the tables, the handouts and the very lovely 'Spinning Jane'.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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