16 October 2018

I've been a BAD 'girl'

Well that's what I feel like. I feel like I'm being punished and badly too. I'm not sure how to rebel against all this either.

Let me explain. I'm having blogger problems. I can no longer comment on SOME blogs. I'm sure this is a vendetta against me and I don't know what to do about it.

I've been writing to Jane who's one of the bloggers I like to comment on but have been unable to do so now for weeks. After some research we both realised that it might be something to do with Google + so we've both unlinked our accounts from Google +. It's being phased out anyway and it's something I've never used so 'out with the old'!!!  This is from blogger itself.

I thought I'd cracked it by doing that but it's not changed a thing. I have my own comments on moderation and have lately been receiving quite a few spam comments but those are easily dealt with and I don't think they're related to the problem. 

I'm showing you my settings in the picture below and also what I see under a blog post (2nd picture) although this doesn't apply to ALL the blogs I visit.  When I click on 'google account' it does nothing as the alternative ('select profile') is greyed out.  As I'm already signed into Google it doesn't make sense. I can write a comment and 'publish' it but it doesn't arrive where it's meant to.  In fact it disappears into cyberspace.  

If anybody can come up with a solution I'd be VERY, VERY grateful or if anybody is having similar problems please let me know.  Also check your comments moderation too - I may have got through and you may have missed it.  OR there again perhaps my comments ain't worth publishing!!!!


Pigmini said...

Now I don't have these challenges... on my phone! But... on my lappy.... completely different! Yet the a/c has to be the same one!!

Jane McLellan said...

I did look in my pending comments file, but nothing there. I hope you can sort it out!

Maureen said...

I have no idea how to fix it, but I remember it happening to me too, a while ago. I couldn't comment on your blog for ages, but somehow you fixed it. I still can't comment on Frivole's blog, or on Jon's.
Perhaps if you can remember which buttons you pressed to allow me to comment, you could try the same tactics for your own loss of voice.

Michelle said...

I have /had a similar problem. I use Feedly to look at blogs (although it may be the same with other RSS feeders). If I try to comment via Feedly, I get the same but if I move to an actual browser like Chrome and THEN comment, all is well. I haven’t figured out why but that is how I solve it.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'd be grateful to know what to do, also! There are times I can post comments, and times I can't. Sometimes I'm taken through multiple comment verifications and then I'm dropped. We'll see if this one goes through!

Ninetta said...

I'm commenting, do I? I have google plus disabled, too. It is really odd, do you already also asked help in the Blogger Support Forum?

Jane Eborall said...

Well it's very odd as I've done nothing except disable Google+. Certainly not fiddled with comments for months. I must ask in the Blogger support forum, Ninetta but I keep hoping it'll just solve itself!!! I'm an optimist - a lazy one too!!!

Jane McLellan said...

Thanks for comment on today’s post, duly received and published!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

For a while I had to use Chrome to comment on your blog (and some others), but now it seems I can use either IE or Chrome. These things are great mysteries to me!

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