3 April 2010

An endangered species!

The title could of course refer to me.  I'm a danger to myself at times and certainly shouldn't be let loose on the world some days.

Last week I was asked by a lady (via my Etsy shop) for a butterfly.  One like the lilac one I'd recently sold. This one, in fact.

Of course I said 'yes' straight away.  Easy peasy thought I!!!  So, off I went in search of the pattern.  It just HAD to be somewhere on my computer.  I've changed computers several times over the years and have never lost a thing.  

Well, do you think I could find it?  NO WAY.  I searched my printouts too.  I searched the wayback machine.  I know it's MY pattern as I remember doing it but it was nowhere to be found.

So I had to re-write it from the scan.  Then, of course I had to re-draw it too.

That's why it's got a name.  It's called 'The Rescued Butterfly'!!!!  I've added it to the web site in the hope that it doesn't escape again.
Actually the butterfly can be worked with the outer part in another colour.  Just needs a bit of 'jiggery pokery' to do it.  Namely 1 very small split chain and the last SR worked as a ring with a VERY long picot.

2 April 2010

Tatting day and what a surprise!!!

A month or so ago Heather wrote to ask  if she could use one of my technique pages in her book.  As I'd nagged and cajoled her to kicking the needle into touch and taking up the shuttle (which she's done SO well) then how could I refuse?!?!?!?

Anyway, she promised me a copy of the book so when a small packet arrived yesterday (yes, April 1st) I was dead chuffed.  
BUT something puzzled me.  I scratched the aged head but I was still puzzled.  How COULD a packet containing a BOOK be so - well, for want of a better word, bulgy?  So the fingers got working on opening it and LOOK what was inside.  Do you think there's a rumour going round Tat land that I MIGHT just be getting round to liking HDT and shuttles?  Aren't the shuttles a hoot?  Can you see what's written on the label above their heads?

1 April 2010

Catching up with myself!

A bit late but as 'they' say - better late than never!!!

A quick report on the show at the NEC on Sunday!!

There were only two of us on the stand all day which meant we were kept busy, busy, busy.  A good thing as those who know me will appreciate that if I'm not kept busy I get myself into trouble.  BIG trouble!!!

I managed to get a few pictures of the stand before the show started and also a picture of Barbara too.  We had time for a natter too which was good.  Barbara is really, really good with the many children we had who wanted to have a go at tatting.

31 March 2010

I did it AGAIN!!!!

Two things, actually!!!  I won the Palmetto logo competition for a second time AND lost the pieces I used - for the second time too!!!!!

Who did I hear say 'typical'?  Well, yes, you're right!!!

Thank goodness they didn't want them re-scanned as I'm honestly not sure where they are in the 'jumble' we call home!!!!  They did ask for them to be re-tatted in autumn (that's 'fall' in American!) colours which I've done and sent to them.  

They've got them up on the site already.  Here's a link to their page.  I'm honestly SO proud to have 'done it again'.
Now all I'm going to do is keep my fingers crossed that the person I've offered the pattern to to teach at tat days gets the 'job' of teaching it.  

30 March 2010

The packet from Sue Anna

As promised - the packet which arrived from Sue Anna.

This was full of number 80 threads and some Eazybobs (or whatever they're called)!!!!

Can you see the two at the front?  The pinky one?
Ah, here's a close up.  That one on the right has got earmarked for something already!!!  Not sure quite what but aren't the colours fabulous?  
The colours are fabulous but I will share with Sally - promise, Sue Anna.  I really, really will.  BUT she's NOT having that one!!!!  I'm the big sister and what I say GOES!!!!  She's NOT and that's all there is to it.  Actually, she's not a 'pink' person so there'll be no arguments over it!!!

29 March 2010

Am I spoilt or am I SPOILT?

I had another package on Thursday from Sue Anna which I'll show you tomorrow. 

Today I want to show you a package that Ridgewoman sent me which arrived on Friday.

Now this lass has spoilt me rotten in the past and she's been telling me about this package for weeks.  Then after all the teasing there was a hiccup with it even leaving the Post Office where her DH mailed it!!!!  I've been nearly 'wetting my knickers' waiting for it to arrive.   Well, it did on Friday.  WOWWEEEEEE.  Can you believe what was in it?  

Beads, beads and more beads.  PURPLE delicas which I've never owned before.  Did you know that it's difficult to make purple beads cause the colour fades?  I learnt that when I was 'kidnapped in Cincinnati'.

I'll show you some pictures in a minute BUT you must see the pen hook that was in the packet.  NOT just ANY pen hook.  This one was commissioned by BJ and has on it a NORMAN.  Can you see it?  Made by Lady Shuttlmaker too.

Oh, there was thread in there too!!!  HDT.  WOWEEEEE.  Now all I need is time and more time to play!!!

This last wee package has some tiger eye beads in for my sister.  Isn't that super?  There were some more for me too.  I will make a bracelet or a pair of earwigs out of mine.  Probably both!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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