2 April 2010

Tatting day and what a surprise!!!

A month or so ago Heather wrote to ask  if she could use one of my technique pages in her book.  As I'd nagged and cajoled her to kicking the needle into touch and taking up the shuttle (which she's done SO well) then how could I refuse?!?!?!?

Anyway, she promised me a copy of the book so when a small packet arrived yesterday (yes, April 1st) I was dead chuffed.  
BUT something puzzled me.  I scratched the aged head but I was still puzzled.  How COULD a packet containing a BOOK be so - well, for want of a better word, bulgy?  So the fingers got working on opening it and LOOK what was inside.  Do you think there's a rumour going round Tat land that I MIGHT just be getting round to liking HDT and shuttles?  Aren't the shuttles a hoot?  Can you see what's written on the label above their heads?


Bonnie said...

What a hoot,
Sammy is cute!

Love the HDTs, you were a lucky lady on Internation Tatting Day, looking forward to seeing what you create with them.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

What a cute little shuttle. Heather is so clever! Have fun using the HDT. SUch pretty colors!

Unknown said...

Oh, that Heather is pretty generous! She is wont to argue that but she's WRONG because she IS generous so THERE, HEATHER! LOL! YAY! Good for you, Jane! Enjoy your goodies!

IsDihara said...

Leave it to Heather to make a special day EVEN MORE special -- isn't that why we all adore her?

Your book and "bulgy" goodies are FABOO! Love the names of the colorways, but one isn't labeled. Ooh, mystery HDT!

Do share your adventures with Sammy (shuttle) and his (or her) twin.

So glad you had an enjoyable Tatting Day!

Tatteristic! said...

Those are so cute!! Have fun with your new tatting stuff - what a great surprise!

Fox said...

Sammy shines! What a hoot!
Fox : )

Typstatting said...

Love your goodies and the shuttles are so cute!! Hope to see what you have tatted with them!!!

Valerie said...

ahhahahha, sammy's a cutie! enjoy, jane.

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