30 March 2010

The packet from Sue Anna

As promised - the packet which arrived from Sue Anna.

This was full of number 80 threads and some Eazybobs (or whatever they're called)!!!!

Can you see the two at the front?  The pinky one?
Ah, here's a close up.  That one on the right has got earmarked for something already!!!  Not sure quite what but aren't the colours fabulous?  
The colours are fabulous but I will share with Sally - promise, Sue Anna.  I really, really will.  BUT she's NOT having that one!!!!  I'm the big sister and what I say GOES!!!!  She's NOT and that's all there is to it.  Actually, she's not a 'pink' person so there'll be no arguments over it!!!


Typstatting said...

Love the colours you sure are having a great week with the packages arriving. Have fun using them. Oh if you have the time nip over to my blog and see what my sister is getting for her 50th

rainbows and raindrops said...

wow that's awesome!

Ridgewoman said...

Very keen mate! Lots of pretty colors. I'm not much of a pink person; but, that is an exceptionally pretty thread ~ so you might have some interest from 'baby' sister…LOL
xxxxx P

Tatteristic! said...

What pretty colors. You'll love the bobbins; they hold a lot of thread and don't unwind if they fall off of your lap or something. In a pinch, even though they're a pretty good size, you can do a split ring with them if necessary. Can't wait to see what you make with the pretty pinks!

Sally Kerson said...

Oooh thank you Sue Anna and I will make sure that big sis does share. Its true I'm not a pink person but yes that varigated pink thread is lovely.

Corina said...

What a beautiful colours! I'm curious what you will make with it!

Paula C. said...

What a beautiful lot of thread!

TAT19540 said...

Glad you like the thread. I'll have to tell you the tale of my sad fish. Right now we are at war!!!lol.
I think I might have more of the pink so you could share that one too.

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