28 June 2019

End of the story.

This is what the bells, leaves and everything ended up as!!!! 

The pictures are not good as again it’s very difficult to take photos of shiny, dangly things!!!

Now I’m going to reveal why I did this. Not only because I loved doing them but because I wanted to make something to put in the silent auction at Palmetto Tat Days. They are so, so sparkly that I’m hoping they’ll raise some money for their scholarship funds.

27 June 2019


Well once you’ve done one you have to do another!!! This one is in a variegated shiny thread.  

26 June 2019

Still sticking with silver

I spent last week just sitting making bells and using lots of HWT (hand wound thread) without noting down which thread and how many strands!! 

Sometimes I used two together and other times three. This made for interesting effects and (sometimes) a little frustration too!!! 

Then I got bored and decided to make the Tischband leaves to go with the bells. I’ve done this before and ended up making this decoration.

The Tischband leaf is a design by Ruth Scharf and is in her book called Occhi. This is a book I don’t have but Ruth kindly allowed Umi and Tsuru permission to put it on her blog back in 2012. You can find the pattern here and further information here too.

25 June 2019

Bauble bell number 2

This one is using the same basic silver thread but with another pretty variated shiny thread. 

Oh, did you want the pattern? Well it’s been here for a long time and has a sneaky way of finishing off the last round without having lots of ends to sew in. Just two - as you’d normally get.

Sorry about the pictures but the sheer shininess of them makes it so difficult to get good photos.

24 June 2019

Off to a racing start

No, I’m not going out running or anything energetic like that!!

I’ve got the urge to make bauble bells again so that’s what I’m going to do!!!

This time I’m going to use my gorgeous gold threads - well that was the plan until I got into my stash and found that I don’t have that much left. So, over to silver. This is basically a silver thread with an even thinner gold filament which I’ve wound HWT.
Now I do have a plan in mind for these but you’ll have to wait and see!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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