14 April 2018

Welcome to a new member

Of the Exclusive Tatting Club!!!!

Let me introduce you to Sherry's mouse. She was lucky enough to have a lesson with Randy Houtz at the Finger Lakes Tatting Group last weekend and this is the result. 

This is what Sherry says:
"My mouse and kitty picture reminds me of the needlework Mary Queen of Scots did called "Catte". This picture here is a picture of the needlework while Mary was held captive circa 1570. "Catte" can be seen at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh."

13 April 2018


Well BC3 fails again!!!  He forgot to add the poodle doodle to the doodle page on the web site.  Not only THAT but he forgot to add it to Pinterest too.  I'm seriously thinking of giving him the sack!!!!!!   So I've taken matters into my own hands and have added them myself!!!

After the mouse invasion I simply HAD to make a hedgehog. 

Again this is from Randy and Gary's book which can be found here.

I found exactly the right thread (Lizbeth variegated) to make this little critter. He's now joined the mice and caterpillars in a box but not 'quite' in the cupboard. Nick wants me to put them all in a line chasing each other on top of the television but I want to make one more of another variety before I put them out as dust catchers!!!

12 April 2018

Three motifs joined.

Now the 'improved' (or rather, original way Dora intended) joining method is looking a whole lot better. 

I've added my interpretation of Dora's joins to the top of the blog post in her 'section'. I just hope that they are understandable and would (as usual) appreciate any feedback either good (if any!!) or bad (as expected!!).

11 April 2018

A poodle doodle

Now for another doodle!!! This time it was a request by another tatter who wanted a little poodle - maybe for earrings.

The smaller the design the harder it is to get it to look as if it's what it's supposed to be - if you follow!!! This little guy (or gal, of course) took quite a few attempts but I had wonderful feedback from Lina. 

I've added this to the doodle page and it can be found here.

10 April 2018

More Leftovers

So this is what happened to the leftover leftovers!!!

The top picture is what I now have left after using the leftover leftovers. It's around 2" by 4" so I doubt that even BC3 could make anything out of that!!!

I've made two poke proof pouches!! Do you remember when I made them before with the magic (but secret) part which stops the hooks poking through? No? Well here's the link.

So now I'm fully equipped to go travelling again with my tatting. Where shall I go to? I have a venue in mind!!!

9 April 2018


Do you remember this post? Well I had some fabric leftover so I decided to make a pouch for carrying projects around in.

I often have a smaller project that doesn't need a whole tote bag so decided that this would be a 'good idea'. I've used wadding/batting inside and it's fully lined too.

BUT I still have a strip left of around a metre by four inches!!! Another idea is brewing so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

I'm also pleased to report that BC3 managed to remember to put the tankard link on my Pinterest board too!!!  Result!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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