9 August 2019


Finally I’ve had a space of time to make a llama. I’m teaching this pattern at Palmetto and had lost the last one I made!! It’ll turn up again one day but meantime I needed a sample to show the class what we’re aiming to make!!! 

If the picture looks a bit odd it’s because the thread is a variegated Lizbeth one and is just right for making animals as they do vary in their colouring. 

One thing I like about this design is that there are NO ENDS to sew in at the end. Beginning ones are tatted over and the ends are - well, just left and frayed.  

Bit like my nerves sometimes when faced with a classroom of tatters!!!

8 August 2019

Black and cream pendant

Here’s another of the pendants - this time in black and cream with some gold beads. 

Somebody wrote and asked where I’d got the pattern from and I realised that I hadn’t put the link to the pattern on some of the posts. So, here just in case, is the link.

6 August 2019


I bet you’re absolutely FED UP with hearing about this darn bookmark/bracelet design. 

Well, to be honest, SO AM I!!!! I don’t usually take this long to get a design finished and onto my web site but the last few months have thrown so many problems my way that I almost came undone at the seams!!! 

The beauty of being an inveterate and longstanding tatter is that it’s difficult to unknot me!!!! Hope you follow my reasoning!!

Anyway the part of my life that caused the first lot of hassle is now resolved (my bank balance isn’t happy, though) and the other part which started to give me grief last week will probably be ongoing for quite a while!!! No matter - I’ll do what I’ve always done. What’s that? Deal with the situations as and when they rear their ugly heads. 

Now you’ve got to the bottom of my ramblings I bet you’re wondering where the link is to the pattern!! Well, here it is!!


5 August 2019

Blue pendant

Still in doodad ‘mode’ as I think these are such a useful little present to give to people. I’m putting them onto metal split rings so that they can either be hung as ‘just a dangle’ or added to a chain as a pendant.

I’ve made them on and off for years and have colours to ‘go with’ most of my outfits. 

Now when I say ‘outfits’ I really should be up front and honest. I don’t ‘do’ outfits!!! I wear T-shirt’s or tops which aren’t really outfits so coordinate my dangles with those!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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