30 March 2018

After the mice!!

I simply HAD to make a caterpillar!!! I kept looking at the pictures of this in the book and feeling that they didn't do it justice so eventually I had to have a 'go'!!!! 

This time the starting off was a lot easier and I think I'm developing my own way of doing this!!!! Anyway, it keeps me happy and I really like this little guy!!!

29 March 2018


When you've got the hang of bauble tatting these critters are very straightforward to work. BUT the starting off can be a pain as it's so, so fiddly!!! 

You wouldn't believe it but I spent HOURS starting this blue eyed mouse off.  I just couldn't get it right. Sheer persistence and a wealth of patience got me there in the end. 

For those who want a copy of this book I'm pretty sure it's available in most tatting suppliers shops but it can also be found here too.  Straight from the Houtz brothers themselves.

Now, what shall I do next?!??!

28 March 2018

Mimi's bookmark

After my success with the Mimi coaster I decided I simply HAD to do her bookmark too. 

Isn't it lovely? Instead of just the one colour as suggested in the pattern, I did manage it in two. 

Took BC3 a bit of working out but it was very simple. I started with a weaver's knot to get the slimmest start possible and then tatted over the two tails whilst making a dead end start with the chain.  Sounds complicated but it wasn't at all.  

27 March 2018


Now I do NOT like Pinterest. OK, probably irrational but I've seen whole books still in copyright uploaded to that site - or pins to sites where stolen books can be found.  

I used to have a Pinterest account some years ago because back then it seemed like a 'good idea'. However once I found out the pitfalls I closed the account. Unfortunately I found that most searches I do on Google find Pinterest first and that's really annoying. 

Anyway, I've now realised (yes, it takes time!) that most of the pins on there don't lead to the pattern that you've found during a google search and that's pretty annoying. Time's too short (in my case!) to spend hours finding something that's just not there to be found easily!!

So I've decided for my own benefit and (hopefully) others to upload links to all my patterns on Pinterest. It's taken a good many hours but I'm hoping it'll prove time well spent.

Now as it's a requisite to add a picture to a blog post (so you don't all fall asleep) here's one I made earlier!!!

26 March 2018

A mouse has appeared!

When I was sorting out my tatting cupboard I found some teardrop beads that Jane K had given me when I was in Canada. I had put them away really safely which is a BIG mistake!!! 

She gave them to me on my first trip over to that wonderful country so these had been stored safely for over two years. I had admired her little 'Houtz Mouz' (sorry, couldn't resist that bad spelling) and it's eyes particularly. 

So here's my first mouse of this phase of my tatting addiction.

There's something SO relaxing about making these critters and the reaction when you show people is amazing too.  I think there will be more to come so prepare to be inundated with Houtz critters.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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