14 November 2015

Last Rachel

Nearly forgot this one!!! 

The last of the Rachel motifs by Rosemarie Peel that I was working on.  I did this one on my travels so therefore - no beads.  I don't travel with beads - too dangerous.  Once dropped forever gone!!!

I worked on this in Birmingham airport departure lounge, in Terry's house, Ruth's house and finally in Toronto airport's departure lounge.  An international motif you could say!!!  A little bit here and there!!!

12 November 2015

Martha asked me a question

But I don't know the answer, really. 

I'm looking for the answer from 'you out there' so please if you know can you tell me? 

The question is about the patchwork I showed you yesterday. Martha asked what I did with the seams when I'd finished - did I press them open or all the same way.  Well in the dim and distant past I have pressed them open like they are in the attached photo (here they're just tacked into place, of course) but thinking about it I've no idea if that's the right thing to do. 


11 November 2015

Something different!

Here's what I was talking about yesterday.   Remember this?  Well further progress has been made!!!

What I like about doing patchwork by hand is the different stages.  First the decisions on what fabrics to use, then the cutting out of the pieces AND the cutting of the paper inserts (thank you to Howdens kitchens for their now 'redundant' catalogue) and then the sewing of the papers into the fabric.

Finally comes the sewing of the pieces together. 

Once the papers are tacked in I place them around the finished part on the carpet - you're getting lovely pictures of our carpet thrown in for FREE too!!!! Then I take a photo, gather up the pieces and retire to 'tat corner' (with BC3, of course) to stitch them together - referring to the photo when needed. No pesky beads to keep escaping - pure relaxation!!!!

10 November 2015

So, the addiction continues!

I just love this thread. I think it's a Marilee Rockley one but not really sure. 

I managed to get the pattern up on my site yesterday for the Crystal Snowflake so here's the link - should you want it.

Meantime I will continue to bore you to death with more of these until I've got enough to fulfil my Christmas self imposed commitments!!!

Tomorrow, though, I promise you something different. Nope - not giving you a CLUE - you'll have to pop back to find out what it is!!!!

9 November 2015

This snowflake is addictive!!!

Thank you SO much to all who took the trouble to help me out with this snowflake. I sort of thought I must have seen similar before and didn't think for a minute that BC3 had come up with an original flake. BUT having said that I'm still going to share it. 

There is a similar snowflake here which was kindly pointed out to me. The differences are there but I will be putting a link to Betsy's snowflake on the pattern when I've finished it.  I think that's fair, don't you?  Betsy starts with six rings in the centre of hers whereas mine starts with a mock ring/chain round a central bead.  Then I carry on with chains with rings on the chains too.  The clovers are also split up with chains too.

Anyway, I'd still value opinions on whether I should go ahead or not.  Please leave a comment so I can get the gist of what people think. 

By the way - this design started off using this pattern!!!!  No, don't ask - I've no idea how I landed up with the Crystal Snowflake!!!  Blame BC3 - like I do!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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