8 May 2010

More earrings but another version!

So, I'm back on the earwigs again!!!!  You must've realised I'd get bored with the buttons after a few days!!!

Here are two more pairs of the Winsome Drop earrings.  

You'll see that I've added two long beaded picots this time BUT these are not joined to the next SR.  

I've taken them and joined to the 'space between'.  This has taken a bit of 'working out' to make them sit right.  I'll work on the pattern over the next few days too.  Off to deliver the doll's cot today in spite of the miserable rainy weather!!

7 May 2010

More buttons with another version

Three more of the little buttons and one slightly different one!!!!

Well, actually that's not quite right!!  The only 'normal' one is the bluish one at the top of the group of three.  The other two in that group are the size 30 HDT wound with the sewing/quilting thread.  Not only does it make an interesting combination colourwise BUT it also makes it work up 'as' a number 20.  

So, the formula is 1 size 30 HDT (or any 30 thread!!!) + 1 size sewing thread = 1 size 20.  Even I can work that out and math ain't my favourite subject!!!

Do you like the one at the bottom?  I'll add this to the pattern page.  VERY simple adaptation but worth the extra effort.  Well, I think so.

6 May 2010

The mini button flower again!!!

I'll have to confess.  I'm addicted to making these for now so you may see more!!!!

I'm going to experiment next with a number 30 HDT and a sewing thread wound together.  What will happen I hear you ask?!?!?!?

Maybe a nervous breakdown?  Maybe a lot of bad language?  Maybe even a success!!!  Just watch this space.  That's the space between my two ears where brain cell # 3 lives!!! 

For those who have just found my ramblings (common word usage is blog), I would like to point out that the above 'grey matter' (brain cell # 3) lives within the space where most people have a brain!  

He works hard for Tat Land - coming up with the 'oddities' in life!!!  He also has the most perverted sense of humour which gets his owner (or is HE the boss?) invariably into trouble from time to time!!

5 May 2010

A butterfly brain - but not a butterfly!

Somebody once told me I'd got a butterfly brain and I'm beginning to think they're right!!!!  I never seem to get one thing finished before I start another!!!
I bought some wee four hole buttons off ebay - they're just under half an inch.  Actually it was Sally who showed me hers which 'forced' me to buy off the same seller.

This is what I'm doing with them.

I am using some of the Lizbeth thread that Sue Anna gave me and also (to follow!) some of my HDT too.  This one is SO pretty on the white pearlised button.  

There is a technique in this which I have used before - on the Lotus Flower brooch.  This is a teensy bit fiddly on this smaller button but it does 'anchor' the second round (and the first) to the edge of the button.  If you look at the second picture (the back) you'll see how well this works.   The neatness doesn't come about through me being 'fussy' - it just 'happens' that way.  I've nearly got the pattern finished to share too.

This is a rings and chains only design with a few beads added - 'just because'!!!!!  Well some of us round here can't tat without beads, can we?!?!?


4 May 2010


Do you remember this project which I started on a few weeks ago?

Because of so many interruptions I didn't get a chance to finish it until this weekend.  Here it is in all it's 'glory'.  

When I think that the metal frame for this is almost as old as me (ancient!) then I'm astonished that it's still around!!!  It could be older than that, even!!!  I suppose in this day and age the whole project could be classed as 're-cycling'!!!!

Here are some pictures taken out in the garden (it wasn't a warm or sunny day as you can see).

I made a mattress, pillow, removeable pillow case, bottom sheet, top sheet and a throw for the dolls.  Really pleased how it turned out.

3 May 2010

Monday again!

Well the beginning of another week.
Must say I learnt the odd thing from doing the giveaway.  Here are some thoughts about it.

I noticed t'other day that I've got nearly 200 followers so sort of guessed I'd maybe get around 120 participants.  Now that amount of followers might sound darn good but I wonder what it really, really means!!!  I know I'm an old cynic but I always question things in life.

I follow lots of blogs and always keep my dashboard open in one of my tabs (which I refresh regularly) so that I can see who's updated their blogs almost as soon as it's happened.  I wonder if others do the same?  As I have all these people who have at some time put me down as somebody they (bravely!) decided to follow I was somewhat surprised that 'only' 74 folks signed up for the giveaway.  Perhaps it was bad timing.  I only announced it on the blog.  Interesting, eh?

Ah, I didn't advertise the giveaway on any of the tatting lists.  Why?  Because I rarely go to them nowadays!!!  I belong to lots on yahoo which I 'dip into' when I have new patterns to announce or if I see a question that I can help with.  In that case I usually write to people privately.  The intatters forum is another that I belong to but find it too 'challenging' for my small brain!!!  I DO wish it had a 'daily digest' email option as my life would be complete if it did!!!!

Another 'thing' I didn't do was stipulate more options to the signing up procedure.  I find that (personally) I can never be bothered to join in these games if I have to 'jump through hoops'.  It's the thought of having to put 'buttons' on my blog, mention it and almost grovel to sign up that made me 'not' put any rules to joining in!!!!  I'm not a 'rule' sort of person!!!

Another point - nobody knew what 'it' was so that couldn't have put them off.  Perhaps a blind giveaway wasn't a good idea!!!!

Whatever else - it amused me and I was SO happy to give something away that was really worth having.  

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