4 May 2010


Do you remember this project which I started on a few weeks ago?

Because of so many interruptions I didn't get a chance to finish it until this weekend.  Here it is in all it's 'glory'.  

When I think that the metal frame for this is almost as old as me (ancient!) then I'm astonished that it's still around!!!  It could be older than that, even!!!  I suppose in this day and age the whole project could be classed as 're-cycling'!!!!

Here are some pictures taken out in the garden (it wasn't a warm or sunny day as you can see).

I made a mattress, pillow, removeable pillow case, bottom sheet, top sheet and a throw for the dolls.  Really pleased how it turned out.


geraldine said...

Can i come and play please, i'll bring my tiny tears dolly out the roof. I can see a very happy little girl who will have hours and hours of fun, with your delightful gift. You are very talanted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mum - can't wait for Abbi to see it. She's poorly at the moment (high temperature and off food). Speak soon!!

Crazy Mom! said...

Oooo Jane, what a lovely dolly bed! So pretty. Any little girl would be delighted to play with this, especially one that knows her grandmum made it.

deanna7trees said...

Your grand daughter will love it. It's precious.

Fox said...

Jane - that is adorable! You just cannot find this kind of thing 'store-bought'. A treasure for a little girl.
Fox : )

tatting-marie said...

Jane, your grand daughter will "treasure" her doll bed that you made "special for her". I love to see things passed down in the family like this.

Marty said...

That's so pretty! The fabric you chose is just perfect.

Sally Kerson said...

I'm she is going to have so much fun playing with the cot, just as you and I did. I wonder if it will pass to another generation!

tattrldy said...

It's lovely, Jane! I'm sure the granddaughter will love it. How could she not love something so pretty and just right for her 'baby'?

Ridgewoman said...

How like a drawing in a story book. Just a fantasy of a dolly bed and my little doll with the tin head would just fit…How wonderful for you granddaughter. I hope she is feeling better.
Speaking of Dolls ~ I decided to use my Dolly bag for the Leprechaun and Scarlett's travel bag…that way they can pop out and see all the sights. Today they saw, outside the hospital, 2 little squirrels playing in the Joshua Tree cacti..DH doing really well, so far…me too
xxx P

Tatskool said...

It's brilliant, she will love it...and you! even more!

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