9 September 2017

Pink earrings

Yes I'm still in 'earring mode' and here's another pair I made last week. 

I showed you the brownish pair here and then I found some really truly bright pink beads in my stash. Those and some Swarovski crystals gave me the 'need' to make this pair!!! I wish that photos would do these justice but they sparkle so much that they dazzle my poor camera.  

The only 'problem' with this pair is that I'm constantly wanting to wear them!!!

8 September 2017

A sad Rachel

Now this little mat makes me sad. It's a very pretty one and I used HWT. 

The reason for it making me sad is that this is the last thing I can make with some lovely thread. It's a spool of Perfect Quilter which I was given, many years ago, by Gina Brummett. 

She gave it to me when we spent a day together in Cincinnati. That day was spent with her showing me her beautiful work and folders that she kept. Lovely memories but I'm sorry to see this spool go and so, so sad that Gina died so very young. Miss you, Gina.

I'm hoping to find more Perfect Quilter when I get to Canada - who knows. NOT necessarily this colour but I do love the thread and it goes so well with small sizes of 60, 70 or 80 when making HWT.

7 September 2017

Another 'interpretation' of the technique

Well it had to be done!!!! I had to try starting off with the technique before any tatting was done. 

That was part of the excuse - the other part was 'needing' (I lie!) another pair of earrings!!! 

The way I did this was to load the tiny beads that I needed onto the ball thread before doing anything else. I used those on the outside of the second row. Then I added the central beads to the chain thread after leaving around a yard for the shuttle - to tat with. The rest was easy as you'll know if you've had time to try the star I did last week as the threads to form the first chain were at the base of the first set (I used 3 beads for each 'spoke' 1 seed, 1 rice, 1 seed) waiting for me!!!!

One day I'll maybe write this down as a 'pattern' but it's almost too easy to be bothered once the technique has been learned.

6 September 2017

Three into one WILL go!

Now this Rachel is a 'three HWT'. 

That means in 'Jane' that I've used three fine threads wound onto the shuttle at once and am working from three spools at once for the chains.  

Well that's not strictly true as I tend to (in this situation) wind the three threads  for the chains onto an Ez-bob.  This saves that stupid situation when (if tatting from 3 spools) you have to heave the aged body out of the chair to go chasing them round the room when they escape.  This is something all spools seem to be programmed to do by some 'artificial intelligence' and with monotonous regularity.

You see it's not only the love of the pattern that keeps me doing this design over and over - it's the love of experimenting with colours. 

I led a deprived (some say depraved!!) childhood when the only colours I could get to tat with were white, ecru and cream. I finally, in my twenties, resorted to silk sewing threads to bring colour into my life so I am eternally grateful for the many varieties we have available now.  Having said that - there's nothing like making your own coloured thread without the mess of dyes, water and rubber gloves!!!  I'll stick to HWT!!!!

5 September 2017

Let's try purple!!!!

This time I stuck to the pattern!!! This uses a method of adding a long beaded picot and inserting another one into the first. Well, sort of. I did a technique page here for this method.

I'm soon going to be the person with the most earrings in town unless I start throwing some of the old ones away!! I am re-using the findings, though as they're not being sold or anything. Got to save our poor old planet somehow!!!

4 September 2017

It HAD to go!!!

What did? 

That awful flap on the bag!!! I kept looking at it and looking at it and wondering why I didn't like it and then suddenly it dawned on me - it was the flap.

Take another look at it and I'm sure you'll agree.  Here's the link.  

Out came the unpicker and the scissors and away it went!!!! I then added more velcro to the top to keep it closed and now I'm a happy bunny!!!

I'll not be seeing it again until I get to Canada cause it's packed full with all my tatting paraphernalia!!!!  Well, I'll probably have to add more 'tat stuff' to it over the next two weeks - who knows!!!

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Happy Beaks
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