5 September 2017

Let's try purple!!!!

This time I stuck to the pattern!!! This uses a method of adding a long beaded picot and inserting another one into the first. Well, sort of. I did a technique page here for this method.

I'm soon going to be the person with the most earrings in town unless I start throwing some of the old ones away!! I am re-using the findings, though as they're not being sold or anything. Got to save our poor old planet somehow!!!


Maureen said...

If I wore earrings, I might be tempted to make these! - I like the way the beads on the dangle part gives them some solidity.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I agree with Maureen! I bet they dangle beautifully!

God's Kid said...

Pretty! :)

Tim Kaylor said...

Don't throw them out. If nothing else, you are always talking about going to the charity shops. Help them increase their stock. I bet they would love to have them.
Those are nice ones. But, like Maureen, I don't wear them either. I would look pretty funny if I did! (Wait. I'm the funny looking kid anyway. No, not going to wear them. Hehe. I did try on a button necklace though. Got a photo, too.)

Pigmini said...

We need a pic of Tim... however... are you sure you're the earwig queen???? Vbg

Tim Kaylor said...

PIgmini, it's on my blog. Jane, I think that is a funny photo.

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