20 October 2023

The second scarf

As you know this is the second ball of yarn that I got from a swop shop.  

After I’ve done this scarf I’ll give all four away to - well not sure who or what but I’m hoping to find a local charity that can use them.

19 October 2023

Patchwork cloth finished

It’s finally done.  My winter project but winter has only just arrived!!!  I didn’t spend any money on this as all the fabric was in my stash.  

As it’s going to live on an antique table I decided to use some lightweight wadding/batting inside to protect it.  I’m going to ‘stitch in the ditch’ round some places to prevent the wadding from moving when it gets thrown in the washing machine.  I think this is one of the most satisfying projects I’ve ever done as I’ve not ‘fallen out with it’ yet!!!

For those who know me well - it will NOT be going into a box in the cupboard!!!

18 October 2023

I had another accident!

Yes, it's true.  I had two Hobbycraft vouchers for five pounds each so, of course, I had to go and check the local store out!! 
I spoke to the cashiers first to see what the situation was and I found out I could only purchase five pounds of 'goodies' twice - if you follow!!!  If I'd seen something for ten pounds then I'd have had to put another five in and couldn't 'combine' the two!!  This made life quite hard!!!!

In the end I bought these two balls of yarn.  Well, I didn't' buy' them but traded the vouchers for them.  I'd promised myself no more yarn but it was a case of 'use it (them/vouchers) or lose it (them/vouchers)!!!  The last picture is there to show the label so you can check it out.  I've used it before for scarves if you want to look here.

17 October 2023

A little off topic - but actually it isn't!!! Read more!

As you know from yesterday’s post I'm not a fan of Facebook and I just pop into it quickly and leave as soon as I've added whatever I think I need/want to add!!!  So I was surprised to get a message from a friend via the messenger app.  This was from Denise.

It was there for a few hours (well almost a day) because I was concerned about clicking on a link.  In the end I put on my 'old gits pants' and clicked on it.  Other people have 'big girl pants' but mine are slightly different!!!

Anyway - here's the link which is NOT 'off topic' as tatting is included!!  I thought it was such a lovely place that some might be able to visit if you live close by.  

16 October 2023

Monday moan back again!

I’m just FED UP with Facebook at the moment.  I’ve set up the groups that I’m in to send me email notifications of ‘what’s going on in Tat land’ and nowadays it’s constant advertising of people who are selling patterns on Etsy.  In fact it’s mainly just two people who are doing it.
When I say ‘constant’ I’m talking about several times a day from these people.  For GOODNESS SAKE if their patterns were that ‘good’ they wouldn’t need to constantly barrage the rest of us with their advertising.  I will NEVER buy off those people just because they’re so annoying.  Even the groups where advertising is banned are inundated with the adverts.  There’s one person who uses two names so that makes double the annoyance.  I’m monitoring the situation and leaving the groups that constantly let them do this.  I reckon I’ll soon not belong to any tatting groups.  Will you miss me?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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