1 July 2021

Another chicken wing coaster

I am working hard on a new design but I’ve no idea yet whether I’ll be sharing it anytime soon.  

I’m still debating whether it’ll be a good one for a lesson or whether to keep it for a probable TIAS.  So many decisions that it hurts my brain!!!  

I am also making these coasters when I need to ‘wind down’ - for no other reason than it’s relaxing to make something which needs little thought.

I also have another ‘good idea’ but goodness knows whether it will come to fruition!!!  Time will tell but I’m still here in my little corner of Tat Land!!

29 June 2021

Completely nothing to do with anything!!!

The reasons for my quiet blog are many at the moment but one of them is now behind me.  
Last Saturday we had our annual (except for last year!) street party.  It had to be arranged very carefully due to Covid restrictions and instead of using the inside of the house as we normally do, we kept it to the very beautiful garden only instead and social distancing well under control.  

The house (just along the road from me) is a charity which encourages holistic healing, counselling, lessons in Pilates etc.  Here's the link.

We have two gazebos which the guys put up in the morning although it was a bit breezy and they both managed to 'take off' resulting in the death of one!!!  There is a big permanent one already there so the loss of one wasn't too dramatic and the sun stayed behind the clouds.  

We had entertainment laid on with the Trinity Players, some drummers called In2Cultures (who are always very popular) and instead of an open mic session due to another small and unsolvable hiccup there was a quiz.  My team cheated disgracefully and won but we did own up and didn't get the prize!!!!  Must admit it was fun cheating!!!!

Here are a few pictures - it was seaside themed so there was a sandpit for the kids and an art section too.  
The last picture is of the two chickens who took themselves off to bed as soon as dusk fell!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.