2 April 2011

Some things 'bypass' me!!

I can't remember how many years ago it was discussed on a list about setting a 'special' day for tatting.  The discussions went on until the 1st April was designated.

Now I'm all for promoting tatting as you've probably gathered but in my neck of the woods there isn't much opportunity.  So, on Thursday when the phone rang  and a lady asked about tatting I was gobsmacked.  It was from a lady who runs the Buzz Cafe. The cafe is a newly set up type of community venue  right in the centre of town (five minutes walk away from where I live).  The lady wanted to know whether I'd be interested in teaching tatting or just demonstrating it there.  I said yes and she gave me some probable dates and that was that.  I decided to pop in there to 'touch base' on the way home from a meeting and met her and the other lady.  It's going to be a very casual arrangement which is great.

Next stage was walking back from Morrisons on Friday morning (that's ITD) and a youngish woman suddenly came walking along beside me.  She stopped me and asked what that was hanging on my handbag.  Tatting, says I (my handbag is covered in motifs and dangles!!).  She said she'd like to learn and I gave her my name and said 'google' me.  I've found that's the best way to 'test' if people are really interested.  We walked along chatting for a while and she went off for her dental appointment and I went home.

Well, not an hour later I had an email from her so I've suggested that we meet at the Buzz Cafe when she gets back from New Zealand.  I'm hoping to give the Buzz more income and also spread the word on tatting.  The cafe is going to be a sort of 'drop in' meeting place for all ages and all sorts so it could become a useful place to start informal classes.  We'll see!!!   I'll keep you posted!!!

1 April 2011


The postie popped a package through our door t'other day and I was upstairs at the time.  Didn't give it a thought until Nick called that there was a package for me!!!  He gets loads but mine are rare!!!

I was half expecting one from Canada but he said this was from Malaysia!!!  That got me downstairs at a rare old rate of knots!!!  That's nautical knots not tatting knots!!!!

Here's what was in the package.

The bottom one is from Jon in Malasia who I was supposed to meet up with back in December when she was due to pass through my town.  Sadly 'snow stopped play' and we didn't get to meet.  I was SO disappointed.

The one just under this writing is from Zarina (also in Malaysia) who so kindly asked Jon to give this to me when we met.  Zarina has a shop here but she says she hasn't got much in the way of the variegated threads at the moment.  BUT I'm going to keep an eye on her now!!!!!  She's also got an Etsy shop and if you look here under her 'sold' section then you'll see what she does do when she's got time.

I was then 'forced' into buying some more ez bobs and have now found a SUPER supplier here in the UK.  These are as rare as hen's teeth here in the UK.  This is the link for the ez bobs that I bought.  Ez bobs are not only useful for winding HDT onto they're also great for storing thread when you want to go out and about.  I use them lots.  

31 March 2011

Naming and Shaming of 2 tatters

Today I'm going to name and shame two tatters.

I've never done this before but I've been FORCED into a corner and I feel it HAS to be done.

First of all to be named is Sue Anna for giving me SO many threads and also because they're not always what I would've chosen for myself!!!  Because of this  my life has been enriched and enexcitened (I know that's not a real word!) and I've been tempted away from what I probably SHOULD be doing to go back to this pattern.  And why, might you ask (I'm asking brain cell 3 too!)?  Because I adore playing with colours.

The next to be named and shamed is Sherry Pence (Lady Shuttlemaker) for this post!  She's being named and shamed because she's part and parcel of my distraction.  I saw that post and thought what wonderful colours and  look at how many ways you can use this pattern that I hadn't thought of!!!

So, you two - you are NAMED AND SHAMED!!!!  Thank you, very, very much I might add!!!!

30 March 2011

More bags!!!!

Kids love bags almost as much as OG's like me!!!  

The wonderful doggy print ones (yes, there are two) are for a small chap I'll be visiting soon and the denim one is for his mum.  

I made a similar denim one for myself for carrying the 'bare essentials' when I go teaching.  I teach two mornings a week and the one session is in the local library.  I take a little money, a memory stick, my mobile phone and my volunteer's badge with me.  I won't take my regular handbag in case I wander off and it goes 'walkabout'.  I teach Silver Surfers so sometimes I need to leave my computer to get something organised with the library lasses.  It's SUCH a useful little bag and I have a long 'strap' which goes round shoulders and over the neck!!

29 March 2011

MORE shuttles!!!

Later today I will be 'activating' some more shuttles AND a new line - cuff links.  The items will go 'live' at around nine o'clock in the evening.  That's BST - British Summer Time.  
There will be 
3 post shuttles with bird or butterfly transfers on
3 further post shuttles in rosewood - plain and gorgeous
1 pop a bobbin in American Tulipwood - without a hook
2 cherry Pop a Bobbins with hooks
3 apple Pop a Bobbins with hooks too.
Also included are some cuff links.  Two have beads mounted in the wood and four are 'plain' wood.  I say 'plain' but they are gorgeous.  Samples below.

28 March 2011

At LAST - the dove is finished!

Before I start.  There will be a few more shuttles in the shop on Tuesday or Wednesday.  The day will depend on how much I get sorted today!!!  I'm going to 'activate' them at around nine o'clock in the evening - that's British Summer Time.  I'll let you know tomorrow which day it will be!!!
Another forgotten and re-found pattern!!!!!  I've fiddled around with this one long enough!!!

This is a pattern I was going to submit to teach at Palmetto this year but as we'll not be in the USA at the same time as Tat Days then that's flown out of the window - metaphorically speaking.  Well, not quite as it's now in cyberspace!!!

I've put the pattern on my web page at long last - please forgive me for the wait and Sally, please forgive me for further alterations to the pattern too!!!  This picture shows the dove without it's olive branch but the pattern does have one.  Very simple that part is too!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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