30 March 2011

More bags!!!!

Kids love bags almost as much as OG's like me!!!  

The wonderful doggy print ones (yes, there are two) are for a small chap I'll be visiting soon and the denim one is for his mum.  

I made a similar denim one for myself for carrying the 'bare essentials' when I go teaching.  I teach two mornings a week and the one session is in the local library.  I take a little money, a memory stick, my mobile phone and my volunteer's badge with me.  I won't take my regular handbag in case I wander off and it goes 'walkabout'.  I teach Silver Surfers so sometimes I need to leave my computer to get something organised with the library lasses.  It's SUCH a useful little bag and I have a long 'strap' which goes round shoulders and over the neck!!


Maureen said...

I love the look of that denim one! - a strap over the shoulder would be Useful to Have when taking twins to the aeroplane park. (you need your hands free in order to be able to spin the aeroplane.....)

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,
Gorgeous doggy material, lovely bags. you will look very smart with your bag next time you go teaching.

Crazy Mom! said...

The doggy prints are too cute!

Good idea on not bringing your purse - that bag looks just right.

Cindy said...

Cute, cute, cute fabric :) I just love bags - of all different sizes and fabrics. So handy without hauling a purse everywhere! Both recipients will be smiling.

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