2 April 2011

Some things 'bypass' me!!

I can't remember how many years ago it was discussed on a list about setting a 'special' day for tatting.  The discussions went on until the 1st April was designated.

Now I'm all for promoting tatting as you've probably gathered but in my neck of the woods there isn't much opportunity.  So, on Thursday when the phone rang  and a lady asked about tatting I was gobsmacked.  It was from a lady who runs the Buzz Cafe. The cafe is a newly set up type of community venue  right in the centre of town (five minutes walk away from where I live).  The lady wanted to know whether I'd be interested in teaching tatting or just demonstrating it there.  I said yes and she gave me some probable dates and that was that.  I decided to pop in there to 'touch base' on the way home from a meeting and met her and the other lady.  It's going to be a very casual arrangement which is great.

Next stage was walking back from Morrisons on Friday morning (that's ITD) and a youngish woman suddenly came walking along beside me.  She stopped me and asked what that was hanging on my handbag.  Tatting, says I (my handbag is covered in motifs and dangles!!).  She said she'd like to learn and I gave her my name and said 'google' me.  I've found that's the best way to 'test' if people are really interested.  We walked along chatting for a while and she went off for her dental appointment and I went home.

Well, not an hour later I had an email from her so I've suggested that we meet at the Buzz Cafe when she gets back from New Zealand.  I'm hoping to give the Buzz more income and also spread the word on tatting.  The cafe is going to be a sort of 'drop in' meeting place for all ages and all sorts so it could become a useful place to start informal classes.  We'll see!!!   I'll keep you posted!!!


Anne said...

Hi Jane

Brilliant opportunity for you to keep publicising tatting and to keep Stratford 'buzzing'!! Well done!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That's an experience I would love to have. It's not likely, though, seeing as I live in a small rural community, and my nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile away. Maybe when I retire, I'll find a nice town for my retirement years that has a place like the Buzz Cafe. Until then, I'll just read about the fun experiences you have!

Karrieann said...

Jane! That is awesome!
I feel the best way to draw attention to the art of tatting is to be tatting out in public and/or have some tattings on or around us... like your bag, my collar of my denim jacket for an example.
I have been tatting at my American Legion meetings before it starts (while waiting). I am currently our Chaplain. I also do tatting while Hubby collects donation for the Shriners Hospitals. I get many on lookers and interests that way... planting little seeds along the way!

I hope that your sparks will spread at Buzz Cafe!

As I have read and heard.. Tatting is NOT a dying art!!!

Maureen said...

The first thing I thought was how very busy you are going to be! - and what fun, but the second thought was something that has never occurred to me before, in reading your posts: you live RIGHT in the MIDDLE of the town?
How absolutely wonderful, to not have to rely on a car to go about your daily life!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

How exciting for both of you!! A new tatting and she is getting one of the best in the trade to teach her. It's a win win situation!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

how exciting sounds really good to have somewhere to just pop in and learn something new, I hope it all goes well, they will have one of the best teachers to learn tatting.

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, Maureen it's great living right in the centre of the town - 5 minutes walk and I'm 'there' outside the Birthplace etc. I don't use the car unless we go out for a very big shop or on an excursion.
I'm really looking forward to seeing how this opportunity develops. Like the Silver Surfer classes I volunteer at twice a week this could prove to be a lot of fun and a chance to meet some very nice people.

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