19 November 2021

The square is progressing!

Well here it is with a few bits and pieces pinned on.  
I found some fabric for the background and then went and made some Tatbeads (the patterns can be found here).  

You’ll see some hedgehogs in the bottom right hand corner and the bunting is flying for a midsummer party!!  At first I was thinking of doing a beehive and bees (they’ve been resident in the garden for forty years) but decided I wanted something colourful.  There are some more bits and bobs I want to add and they all need to be stitched down too, obviously!

18 November 2021

Bet you’d forgotten!

I’m still plodding on with my waistcoat and the second front is done so I’ve been tackling the armholes.  Here’s one of them to prove that I’m not slacking!!!

16 November 2021

More leaves

Yes I’m still working away on the leaves but I must go back over them all and add beads to the centres too.  I’ve decided they definitely need them!!!  

15 November 2021

A square!!

Not a tatted one although I do have one of those to share with you all soon.  I just haven’t had the time to settle down to a final read through.
This is a square of fabric.  It’s a thick cotton damask type of weave and it’s 5” square. 

The group I belong to which meets on a Tuesday morning is making a collage to hang in the room in which we meet.  I’ve mentioned this particular place before, I think but here’s the link if I haven’t.  It’s situated in our road and has a huge garden at the back.  We hold our midsummer parties there as well.  

The manager (James) showed us a piece of work that another group that he belongs to had done and it was exquisite so we’ve decided to make one based on the work that Lifeways does.  It’s a charity and, as the saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’ - so that’s what we’re going to do.  We’re all making a 5” square picture depicting something that takes place at the centre.  Here’s my start.,

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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