30 April 2016

29 April 2016

This is a 'how not to' post

Definitely a post about how not to design!!!! 

As you know I rarely start off with anything drawn or totally 'thought out'.  I 'tat from the heart'. Well, not really as my heart doesn't have fingers!!!! I tat from experience and ideas of what may work and with the benefit of my three remaining brain cells - also known as BC3.  I do study images of a critter if that's what I'm trying to do - particularly cartoon drawings as cartoonists have a way of making images that remove the detail and take your attention to the true basics of an item.

This is how I started off with the peacock.  Well below are some of the pieces  I produced while trying to get what I wanted - others got assigned to the bin.

Now for the 'good news'. I've just got to finish off the pattern page and get it up on my site and you should be able to have it tomorrow. Hopefully you'll see that it's a lot better than the 'trials and tribulations' shown below!!!

28 April 2016

Another round.

This is the third round which is simply a repeat of the first one!!! Not sure why I like this pattern so much but I THINK it's cause it's interesting but easy!!! It's what I 'do' when I can't think of anything new to play with!!!

Actually I do have another new pattern to put on may site and which has been ready for a month or maybe two!!! I'll try and check it out today to see if it's in a fit state to be put on there!!!

27 April 2016

I've got a secret!

Did you know that I've got a secret? My little sister is having a giveaway. Did you know? 

Do you want the link to her blog? Well I expect I'd better share it or you'll all be shouting at me all day!! Here it is.

I'm not going to tell you what it is as you'll have to go there to take part but I'll give you a little, little, teeny tiny clue. Here it is.

26 April 2016

Not quite normal service!

On Mondays and Wednesdays I teach in the local library - Silver Surfers. When we finished at three o'clock yesterday afternoon we got outside and there was a group of Chinese performing in the street outside. Well it was mesmerising. I stayed for around three quarters of an hour just watching. Here is a link to the videos I took.

While I was standing there one of the Chinese assistants gave me a programme and this very pretty little dangle.   There was another leaflet which I wish I'd taken which was about the reason the opera are touring the country.  The Chinese are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the death of Tang Xianzu about whom you can find out more here.

Tomorrow I WILL get back to eating again!!

25 April 2016

Normal service!

Normal tatting will be resumed tomorrow but I simply HAVE to tell you/show you what I've been doing this past weekend. As you all know it's been the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death so the town has been busy and it's been a load of fun.

Here are a few pictures (below) and a link to the videos I took on Youtube.

Shakespeare live was filmed and shown on the television during the evening.  Proud to be a true Stratfordian?  You BET I AM.  Born and bred here and generations before me.  Can't beat it!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.