8 June 2013

A history lesson

Aha, ya boo sucks - betcha thought this was going to be about the history of tatting, didn't you? Sorry but it isn't!!  To be honest the history of our craft is a mystery as is most history!!!!!

When I was at Palmetto Tat Days last September (registration for this year has opened here) a certain Pam Freck was in my (think it was the first) class.  She kindly presented me with a 'jiggly'.  Now I'm not sure what these little 'sillies' are really called but I'm calling them that!!!  They have a solar panel at the front which, when the sun's out, makes them dance.  So, Pam gave me the one on the right in the movie below - she even tatted a ladybug to sit on the middle daisy.  This got BC3 wanting more but sadly the local  dollar stores near Joanie had sold out while we were in the USA.  I came home with the one that Pam gave me in my carry on as I didn't want it getting squashed.  

Well, Nick asked why I didn't get more and I explained that they were selling as fast as the dollar stores could get them and bringing them home would be a problem anyway as my suitcase was so full!!!

Imagine my delight when I found a penguin and a snowman in Poundland at Christmas.  Since then there's been no sign of anymore.  Last Friday I was stumbling through the street market and found a stall with loads on.  That was my downfall!!!  I came home with two last week (inflation has set in big time!) and two this week.  In the movie you can see them dancing on the top of the sash windows in our front room (don't worry - the neighbours already know we're bonkers) and you can see the reflection of the houses opposite.

7 June 2013

More decisions!

So this mat really, really needs another round.  I'm hoping it will be the last round as I'm beginning to tire of it!!!  

Today I'm showing what I think it may be.  I have to work a considerable amount to be sure that the stitch count will allow it to lie flat.  

I will NOT be using this pretty boring and faded green - I'll look for something better for the 'real deal'.

Again the photo is taken on the grass outside as the sun is still shining and it's quite warm.

6 June 2013

One and a half curtains!

Here they are - just to prove I am on the second curtain!!!  I folded the completed one in half so I could get it in the picture!!!  The second one is over halfway now and I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the week.  Also (with a bit of luck) the Ferris Wheel mat may be completed too.  

Then what will I do with myself?  Who knows but something will spring to mind.  Perhaps a bit of test tatting for Martha?  I'm SOOOO excited about her new book that she's working on.  It's going to be a 'must have'.

5 June 2013

What do you think?

This row of the mat is now finished but I think it needs another!!!  In fact I think this is worse than when it was naked!!!!  Do you like my background?  It's the grass in our garden.  I say 'grass'  as opposed to 'lawn' as we don't 'do' posh and it's a bit raggedy in places.  I'm fighting the dandelions at the moment too!!!

So, off to find another row somewhere inside my tiny brain!!!  I'll give it a whirl and then ask for opinions.

The weather has turned out really well at the moment so the filet crochet curtains are progressing at a good rate.  More on this another day.

4 June 2013

Earrings page

It's finished at last.  The page for the earrings that I showed you here is finally 'up and running'. 

3 June 2013

Bracelet orange and yellow

First of all - another pram has arrived.  Thank you, Kristen.  Here it is.  Number 118.  I'm trying to collect ideas together for TIAS 2014 and any suggestions are always welcome.  So far - two things on the list!!!!  That's a start!!!  Meanwhile I'm still working on the filet curtains during the day - and yes, twice I've been able to sit in the garden and do it which was the real reason for starting it!!! Long live the sun!!!!  In the evenings I'm plodding away at the Ferris Wheel mat too.  Would somebody add another 24 hours to the day, please?

This is another of the bracelets that I made and put in my Etsy shop.  I go through phases when I get addicted to making things (bit like the Ferris Wheel mat) and then I've no idea what to do with them!!!!  I've added this to the shop as I've only got one wrist (the other wears a watch!) and far too many bracelets!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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