7 June 2013

More decisions!

So this mat really, really needs another round.  I'm hoping it will be the last round as I'm beginning to tire of it!!!  

Today I'm showing what I think it may be.  I have to work a considerable amount to be sure that the stitch count will allow it to lie flat.  

I will NOT be using this pretty boring and faded green - I'll look for something better for the 'real deal'.

Again the photo is taken on the grass outside as the sun is still shining and it's quite warm.


Jane McLellan said...

That'll be spot on, give a good frame to the whole thing. Glad the sun is shining!

Maureen said...

How about a really dark red? - there are a lot of red accents in the motifs.Or maybe deep purple?

Margarets designer cards said...

I go with Maureen, when I was a child I was told that green and blue should never be seen together, as you have a lot of yellow and red perhaps a variegated thread.

Ladytats said...

I think the design is right, but you are correct the color needs to be different. I like Maureen's suggestions for colors.

Nancy in Dallas said...

Wow Jane, that is a lot of work!! Beautiful, as always. I can 'see' it framed in black. *smile*

Phyllis said...

To me the green makes the border pop; however that is where my eye is drawn to first. I was thinking another round of the blue so the wheels stand out. Just my two cents.

God's Kid said...

I think the green looks pretty good! :)

Tatting Chic said...

Wow Jane! You've been very busy! Look at all that gorgeous tatting!

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