19 June 2010

I wasn't going to bother!

I wasn't going to bother with the earring on that pattern but I DID!!!!
Here it is in all it's 'glory' (or should that be GORY)!!!

All I've got to do now is the page with them on.  Won't take long so keep your eyes on 'this space'.  NO, not the space where my brain should be but THIS space on my blog!!!

18 June 2010

What IS the old git up to?????

Is this a case of copyright theft??!?!?!  Ah, don't think so!!!!

Using the wayback machine I've had to work out how long ago I did this pattern.  It's GOT to be pre-2001 from my searching.  Isn't it the messiest page and design you've ever seen?  Mind, it's been around a long time - a bit like me!!!!

So the time came to take another look at it!!!  IF you want the original pattern (heaven forbid!) then please take it soon as it will disappear.  

It will be replaced with the updated instructions and drawings with these 'modernised' ones.  

The thread is a plain red Manuela on the outside and Tatskool's Flame Lantern on the inside!!!!  Don't these just call out to be made?  

17 June 2010

Another two on the block!!

Two more of Martha's dear little critters.  I fell for this one as soon as I saw the picture.

Steph got a ferret and I got this racoon.  Isn't he SO CUTE?

Next day along strolled this alligator - look at that grin!!!  Reckon he's got me in mind for his lunch!!!
Whooops, forgot the gator earlier!!!!

16 June 2010

Medieval Fayre - part 2 (or 'the end')

I must mention here that this church is world famous as the burial place of the bard - Shakespeare himself.  Here's a picture (taken in a hurry) of where his tomb is high up on the wall (over on the left here).  As a kid it always puzzled me how those ancient guys dug a hole so high up on a wall!!  Actually, if I'm to be honest - it still puzzles me but I don't lose any sleep over it!!!  The inscription on the tomb says:-

Good friend for Jesus sake forbear
To dig the dust enclosed here!
Blest be the man that spares these stones,
And curst be he that moves my bones. 

Rumour has it that there's nowt in there and that it's just an 'empty space'.  That's Stratford for you - full of rumours!!!!!
Next I have a picture of a really, really nice guy.  I often see him parking in our road when he comes into town and yesterday I took the opportunity of getting his autograph for my 3 boy grands.  He's a fantastic actor and appears in a lot of television programmes here in the UK.  Others might recognise him better for his part in Harry Potter as Filch.  In this picture you can see him opening the Fayre at eleven o'clock.  His name?  David Bradley.
One thing which amused me was that one young lady looked long and hard at my winsome drop earwigs and then decided adamantly that she wanted a pair which were MINE!!!  I'd worn them quite a few times as they were my favourites for a while, and I told her this.  She still insisted she wanted them.  So, on Sunday afternoon I had a rummage around my tatting cupboard to find the 'makings' for another pair (or two, or three)!!!  Just need that other commodity - time!!!

I also had a commission to make two of these flowers with no timescale on making them, either.

Just as I was packing up a young lady came over and we started talking.  She was thrilled to see a tatter and said she tatted too.  She came from Kentucky and told me she didn't know of any tatting groups.  During the conversation she mentioned she travelled to South Carolina regularly so, of course, I told her about the Palmetto Tatters!!  It would be great if she joined up with them sometime.

Oh - one final thing.  The shuttles I listed in Etsy flew out of the shop yesterday!!!  There will be more but not for a few weeks and when there are I'll let you all know on this blog.

15 June 2010

Medieval Fayre - part 1

Sorry I missed putting this out yesterday - life 'got in the way' early in the morning so I didn't get the chance to read it and finish it off before posting!!!

I think it's easier if I intersperse the boring old text with pictures today rather than leave them to the end!!!
I got to the church about three quarters of an hour before the public were due in.  First I met a donkey called Kevin out in the churchyard!!!  Kevin DID NOT want to go into his enclosure!!!  When the owner finally got him in Kevin decided to 'pose' for the second photo!!!

Then I took these two pictures - just for Anitra Stone.  Again these were in the churchyard before I even got inside!!!!

OK - here in the church are a few pictures of the stalls being set up.  All the paraphanalia (think they're called pews!!!!) were removed on Friday. 
YIKES - this is Tim dressed as a knight!!!!!
This is 'tat corner'.  Between the spinners and weavers (one or two of whom I'd met before) and the face painting which was great as the kids were a joy to chat to.  I doubt you can read the lower sign which says 'Original designs by Jane Eborall (a local yokel).  Gave a few people a giggle!!!!
OK, that's it for today - there'll be one or two more pictures tomorrow.

Oh, before I toddle off into another manic day I'm going to add three pop a bobbin shuttles and two post ones to my Etsy store too.   Sally and I decided that now the list has gone (almost!) it would be easier to list them that way.  The problem with the list was getting them to folks in the right order and then sending out invoices.  This way all I have to do is list them and RUN!!!!!!!  Hopefully to the Post Office too!!!  We've now got to persuade 'im in the garage to get back into the garage as more shuttles are needed!!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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