15 June 2010

Medieval Fayre - part 1

Sorry I missed putting this out yesterday - life 'got in the way' early in the morning so I didn't get the chance to read it and finish it off before posting!!!

I think it's easier if I intersperse the boring old text with pictures today rather than leave them to the end!!!
I got to the church about three quarters of an hour before the public were due in.  First I met a donkey called Kevin out in the churchyard!!!  Kevin DID NOT want to go into his enclosure!!!  When the owner finally got him in Kevin decided to 'pose' for the second photo!!!

Then I took these two pictures - just for Anitra Stone.  Again these were in the churchyard before I even got inside!!!!

OK - here in the church are a few pictures of the stalls being set up.  All the paraphanalia (think they're called pews!!!!) were removed on Friday. 
YIKES - this is Tim dressed as a knight!!!!!
This is 'tat corner'.  Between the spinners and weavers (one or two of whom I'd met before) and the face painting which was great as the kids were a joy to chat to.  I doubt you can read the lower sign which says 'Original designs by Jane Eborall (a local yokel).  Gave a few people a giggle!!!!
OK, that's it for today - there'll be one or two more pictures tomorrow.

Oh, before I toddle off into another manic day I'm going to add three pop a bobbin shuttles and two post ones to my Etsy store too.   Sally and I decided that now the list has gone (almost!) it would be easier to list them that way.  The problem with the list was getting them to folks in the right order and then sending out invoices.  This way all I have to do is list them and RUN!!!!!!!  Hopefully to the Post Office too!!!  We've now got to persuade 'im in the garage to get back into the garage as more shuttles are needed!!!!!


Typstatting said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, but I did not know you were a local yokel!!!!LOL

Sally Kerson said...

It looked like a really interesting event, did you have to get dressed up in medieval costume? Yes they are called pews Jane, but in the case of HT they are chairs. In fact in medieval times they would not have had any sitting for the congregation. The donkey is gorgeous, such a sad face, and so close to an owl, wow! Look forward to the next instalment.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I love participating in historical fairs, but we don't get to do Medieval ones! It looks like so much fun! I hope someone got a picture of you in costume.

Fox said...

"Beam me up. Scotty!"

Oh, how I wish I could have been there It looks to have been a marvellous event.
Best of show - Kevin!
Fox : )

Imoshen said...

Looks like it was fun...

Wendy said...

I love your table. Hope you sell lots

battatter said...

I love Medieval Fayres! I wish they still had them here. This looked like a lot of fun!

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