15 February 2014

Day 15

Day 16 will be out on Monday or Tuesday. When the last part is published I will be asking you to send in where you live so we can all see where the @%&*$*(@!*^s are coming from!!! I will number each one as it comes in too so we can all keep a tally of how many have taken part this year. Last year the total was 127.  I wonder if it'll be more or less this year.  Whatever happens - I'm hoping to host another 'event' next year too.

14 February 2014

A fresh start!

Tomorrow will be day 15 (the penultimate part) of the TIAS. 

My runner which I showed you here is no more. 

Well I wasn't happy with the variegated thread that I used so I decided to start again with just two plain colours. So this is the first of the second start!!! I wonder whether I'll like this when I look at it again tomorrow?

If this works out this will become my 'relaxation' and 'go to' piece which I pick up when I can't be bothered to work on something new!!!

13 February 2014

Day 14

Here is the link for DAY 14 of the Tat It And See.
Please take a moment today to remember a dear lady who used to test tat the TIAS's for me but who so very sadly died two years ago today.  Who?  Gina Brummett the original Tatting Goddess.  

If you have time do take a look at her blog as she was an inspired tatter and such a dear friend.  Her battle with cancer was going well but sadly her body gave up on February 13th two years ago.  Miss her dreadfully - specially the winter she went through before her death.  Such a brave lady.

12 February 2014

The little hearts.

First of all - day 14 will be out tomorrow.

I got these little boxes with the hearts put together sooner than I thought I would. I must thank the person who sent them to me (her name is anonymous!) very much as they were a pleasure to make.  I couldn't 'wangle' a needle to sew the tatting on with so I used PVA glue and 'painted' it on to the backs of the tatting using a knitting needle. It needed a lot of patience and a VERY steady hand. Not a job to take on if you have been drinking or have a hangover. Not that I would, of course (drink, I mean) - cough, cough, splutter, splutter.

I'll be either giving these away (there are four of them) or selling them. Not sure which. They're ideal for putting a pair of earrings in and giving as a present. So, they may well go in the Etsy shop. 

Oh, they came to me with THE most delicious chocolates in them - a single praline (I think that's what they're called) in each. Now you may well ask if I shared them with Nick. Well, I did. He got one!!!! Sadly the others got eaten by MEEEE!!!! Well it was hard not to. 

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!

11 February 2014

Being old and ......

Well, past my 'sell by' date but not yet at my 'use by' date celebrations like Valentine's Day pass the two OG's here by.

Actually I remember getting only one Valentine's present in my whole life and that was from my ex in the first year or so of 'wedded bliss'!!! OR is my imagination and memory playing me up and that didn't really happen either!!!

Anyway, I ramble on. I wanted to show you these little hearts which I did last week. They're the 'Flurry Heartache' which you can find here. A very kind TIAS'er sent me something a few weeks ago which inspired the hearts - four of them and all worked in a size 70 thread. They're to go on a plain, deep red velvety surface so that's the reason I made them in white.

More to come on these!!!

9 February 2014

Day 13 tomorrow

Quick post to say that day 13 will be tomorrow.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.