9 November 2012

Yet another Garden Snowflake

Whoops - this one hasn't been eased into shape yet.  Yes, I did say eased!!!!  I rarely block anything - just wet it, ease it carefully into shape (IF needed) and gently 'show' it the iron!!!

I'm plain idle!!!  I also believe that a good pattern should have it's shape designed into it and not need much pressing and certainly not blocking - unless it's for the sake of picot straightening.  Unfortunately this little motif got shoved into my pocket and forgotten for a day or two so it does need a little TLC!!!!  The times I find things in my pocket and often after trip in the washing machine - you'd think I'd frisk myself regularly but I forget!!!

As the Tat It And See is taking so much time lately I'm going to have to miss the odd day's posting here and there.  WHAT?  Did I hear cheers of delight?!?!?

I'm still here though so don't think I'm not listening in to what's going on in Tat Land.  

7 November 2012

Away in a manger

Now WHAT does that mean?  Away?  I mean you're either in a manger or not so where does 'away' come into it?  That story is a strange one anyway.  You'd think a pregnant woman would've booked a hotel in advance on a trip like that!!!  Silly moo.  Still it is only a story so I bet there's a lot of poetic licence in there somewhere!!

Sorry, I'm prevaricating and trying to get round to showing you another little 'almost doodle' that I've got here.

I thought this one might be useful for making Christmas cards.

6 November 2012

More of the Garden Snowflake

There will be a few more of these posts as I endeavour to make enough to give away at Christmas.  Don't go away, though, as there are two more patterns (only small ones) to post and I'm still busy working on the Tat It And See too.

Yesterday was really busy packing the shuttles etc and getting them in the post.  

Just a note to those living in America - the lass at the Post Office said to allow an extra two to three days for them to arrive as things were still settling down after Sandy.  Not a lot any of us can do about that except wait!!!!  I do hope that everybody affected by the storm is beginning to get back to normal.

5 November 2012

Pattern finished at LAST!

I've been meaning to get this finished for days and finally I've got it up on my site yesterday.  

This is the result of making so many Garden Wall motifs!!  Brain cell 3 started thinking again while I was doing those and finally came up with the Garden Snowflake!!!  I'm really quite chuffed with this design and intend to bore you to death with more pictures.  These are going to be my main Christmas giveaways this year.

Meanwhile I'm finishing off two more Christmas projects - only tiddly ones but it's surprising how long they take to 'get right'.  I'm hoping to get those up this week too - we'll see!!!

Nearly forgot - here's the link for the new Garden Snowflake pattern.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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