10 April 2010

Name that COW!!!

Last year I was having a natter to a few people and we were talking about somebody who I (and others) had tried to help some years ago.  This help was not only rejected but worse!  Anyway, I said to the others that this person was a real COW. 

Ah, that triggered off brain cell number 3 and off he went on this idea of a cow.  Well, once finished, it turned out to be far too pretty to be called by the inspirator's (is that a REAL word?) name.  Thus I have a 'cow with no name'!!!"

SO, name that COW!!!!!

Oh, just looked up 'inspirator' and it is a real word - which proves (sort of) that brain cell 3 is waking up from his winter's hibernation!!!!

Here's the link to the page on my site.

Just before I quit this post and start picking up today's suggestions I must show you what Mark Myers (Tatman) sent me on Wednesday.  Isn't he a little STINKER?  He's just too clever at his graphics!!!!

9 April 2010

The last part.

This is the last part.  Tomorrow all will be revealed and the naming can begin!!!!

There will also be an explanation of the reason for the design too!!!!

8 April 2010

Part 4

This is the penultimate part!  There has been one close guess but I'm NOT telling who it was!!!! 

Tomorrow - well, tomorrow's another day!!!  Although you may not get the answer!!!!

7 April 2010

Part 3

Here's part 3 - keeeeeep guessing!!!

I think I'm drop dead naughty.  I'm SO enjoying this as it'll be even funnier when it's all over.  Shall I give you a clue along with the picture?  

OK, here's a clue.  It's not been guessed yet!!!!  There again - am I telling the truth or trying to put you all off? 

6 April 2010

Next part of the puzzle!!

Here you are - the next part of the puzzle!!!

A few good guesses already and I'm now waiting for more!!!

5 April 2010


What do you think this is?  I'm taking a leaf out of Martha's blog here and asking you to guess what this is going to be!!!

There will be five parts and at the end of the game there will be a task.  The task will be to name the pattern.  Tat's all - just 'name that pattern'.  

Well, actually that's not strictly true as you'll need to give it a lot of thought too!!!  So, you're going to have to work for this free pattern - hard!!!

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Happy Beaks
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