13 February 2016

Four years ago

A family and Tat Land lost a dear lady.   Gina fought her cancer throughout that long winter and came out the other end being told the disease was in remission.  Sadly, so sadly pneumonia set in and she died.

I miss her and always will. We chatted lots (via email) throughout that winter and she was always cheerful and never complained.  Her blog is still live but obviously not updated since. For those who have never heard of Gina - do read her blog.  This will give you the sense of who she was.  Kind, gentle and such a clever, clever tatter and artist.

12 February 2016

A last heart

I think this is the last of the 'Abbi's Hearts' that I've done. I scanned them all and gave them away to friends at the 'bunting making' group. 

This one was done using Eda's thread. It was her Penny thread that I've had for a while. It's delightful to work with and gives a lovely firm finish. 

Oh, the bunting group. That's a group of us who are getting together on a Tuesday morning to make bunting. Our two roads are great at having street parties and any excuse will do - usually a Royal one. 

We're going to string the bunting up and down the street. We're hoping to get a closure notice so that we can bring tables and chairs out. Oh, the excuse this time is the fact that it's the Queen's 90th birthday in June. Let's hope she doesn't let us down!!! 

11 February 2016

More of the same

Well I say more of the same but these are different, of course!!!

Just two more HWT motifs. A couple of people have said that it's also known as 'blended' threads but that makes my poor old brain think of them being put in a kitchen blender and zapped. YIKES.

Whatever anybody likes to call them I think they're lovely. In just a few balls or cones of threads I've got enough to make zillions of motifs.

10 February 2016


Now having spent days playing with Eda's threads I decided that I needed a change. Still haven't decided what I'm going to do in tatting as my next project!!!!!

This time I'm using HWT threads. Now, anybody who's just got into tatting may ask 'what the heck are HWT threads'. Well sit back and I'll tell you!!!

The answer is simple - it's Hand Wound Thread and in my opinion, gives a much subtler variegated thread than a lot of the 'normally' variegated ones. Sewing thread is what I've used for the two motifs below although any threads can be used and even different thicknesses.   

I take a plain colour and a variegated one and then I wind them TOGETHER onto the shuttles. There is a certain 'skill' to this although it really is simple. The way I do it is to hold the two threads together.  The knack is to make sure you hold the threads firmly while winding so that they wind onto the shuttle without leaving any slack in either thread. The effect this gives is stunning. I love playing with HWT!!!!

9 February 2016


This is the last day of the TIAS 2016 and the link is here. Please - even if you haven't taken part publicly and even if it's months since the TIAS started I would still be grateful to receive your completed rabbit. By gathering them all in it gives me a 'certain incentive' to run another TIAS next year. 

Well as you all know now - the Tat It And See turned into a rabbit this year. Why a rabbit? Well I was getting to the end of my tether hearing Maureen going on and on and on about the result of the TIAS each year being a rabbit!!! Teasing you, Maureen. Thought I'd give her a shock and make her one. Maureen had what can only be called a 'bad year' last year resulting in the fact that we didn't meet up in Canada as hoped by both of us. So - she double deserved a rabbit. 

These are two that I made during the process of finalising the pattern. The reason I was able to go ahead with the pattern is because one day my granddaughter came over one day and saw a green trial on my table. She looked at it and said 'I like your rabbit'!!! Result - if a seven year old can recognise a green bit of tatting as a rabbit then it IS a rabbit!!!

8 February 2016

Hearts Edda threads Master

Here are two more hearts. The top one is made with Edda's Master thread. Really do love how easy this is to use. 

The silver heart below is a slightly finer thread but equally as lovely to use. Once again here is the link to where I bought them. 

7 February 2016

Day 13

Please note - this is NOT the last day!!! The next part will be available soon. 

When day 14 has been done I would love to hear from everybody who has taken part with their country of origin (that sounds posh, eh?) and the threads used - if you know them.  Even if you haven't posted before I'd love to hear from you so I know roughly how many have taken part.  Pure nosiness, really!!!!  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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