12 February 2016

A last heart

I think this is the last of the 'Abbi's Hearts' that I've done. I scanned them all and gave them away to friends at the 'bunting making' group. 

This one was done using Eda's thread. It was her Penny thread that I've had for a while. It's delightful to work with and gives a lovely firm finish. 

Oh, the bunting group. That's a group of us who are getting together on a Tuesday morning to make bunting. Our two roads are great at having street parties and any excuse will do - usually a Royal one. 

We're going to string the bunting up and down the street. We're hoping to get a closure notice so that we can bring tables and chairs out. Oh, the excuse this time is the fact that it's the Queen's 90th birthday in June. Let's hope she doesn't let us down!!! 


God's Kid said...

Another fabulous heart!! :)

Bernice said...

I do like it when tatting feels that way. It usually means that the design has the right amount of stitches. Good luck with your bunting.

Unknown said...

Jane may I ask you how you did the chain at the top? I have your pattern for the heart but not sure on the chain?
Thank you

Jane Eborall said...

Sorry to keep you waiting, Elizabeth. The chain is simply a first chain with very small picots and then the second chain is worked round the same way joining into them. This is the third heart on this page. It's the double chain heart towards the bottom. http://janeeborall.freeservers.com/HeartAbbi.pdf

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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