9 February 2016


This is the last day of the TIAS 2016 and the link is here. Please - even if you haven't taken part publicly and even if it's months since the TIAS started I would still be grateful to receive your completed rabbit. By gathering them all in it gives me a 'certain incentive' to run another TIAS next year. 

Well as you all know now - the Tat It And See turned into a rabbit this year. Why a rabbit? Well I was getting to the end of my tether hearing Maureen going on and on and on about the result of the TIAS each year being a rabbit!!! Teasing you, Maureen. Thought I'd give her a shock and make her one. Maureen had what can only be called a 'bad year' last year resulting in the fact that we didn't meet up in Canada as hoped by both of us. So - she double deserved a rabbit. 

These are two that I made during the process of finalising the pattern. The reason I was able to go ahead with the pattern is because one day my granddaughter came over one day and saw a green trial on my table. She looked at it and said 'I like your rabbit'!!! Result - if a seven year old can recognise a green bit of tatting as a rabbit then it IS a rabbit!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

My only excuse is, I still haven't found my beads! The rabbit is adorable, and he will be tatted. I am determined!

muskaan said...

I have vicariously enjoyed the TIAS this year & hope to tat this cutie someday. You have again done a brilliant designing coup !

God's Kid said...

Cute rabbits!! :)

LibraryLady said...

I've not been able to work the last few TIAS but this rabbit will be what I make to give to sweet gal at the Physical Therapist's office. So far she's gotten one of the snowflakes by Robin Perfetti and yesterday she got a heart that I've loved for a long time from a Mary Konior book. In March she'll get clovers, and since Easter is usually in April, I'll do the rabbit for her then. It will be albino. I named my childhood rabbit 'Happy Easter Bunny'. My wise mother said "we can call him Happy". %-)

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Happy Beaks
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