21 October 2016

Dora Young finished

Here is the Dora Young doily - finished!!! Meant to show you this the other day but, of course, I went and forgot!!!!  I actually finished it a week or more ago but guilt hit in and I realised that I'd have to get BC3 onto the TIAS or I'd be in trouble with people in January!!!

I even added the outside optional row to the doily to give it a sleeker edge. I'm SO pleased with it as I feel it really does 'finish it off'.  I've not been this excited about a tatting book for years as you've probably gathered.

Having said that - I do LOVE my Houtz brothers books (particularly the bauble one) and Martha Ess's books too (Critters and Toys are my favourites).  I've also got the latest Houtz triangle book to play with and Martha's toy book but I really, really need to keep focussed on the TIAS!!! 

Thinking about the baubles book it's time I made another mouse or two as some lovely beads that Jane K gave me in Canada last year are waiting and BEGGING to be used for mouse eyes.

Do you think I'm rambling today?  I think I am so please forgive me and blame it on old age!!!  I'm now 73 - had a birthday earlier in the month.  That means I've been tatting for 60 years.  

This evening I'm giving a talk to a local spinners and weavers group.  I'm DREADING it as I tend to ramble!!!  Do you think they'll put it down to old age too?  I do hope so.  I'll tell you about the talk and whether I survive (and the group too) on Monday.  Meanwhile it's back to the TIAS!!!!

20 October 2016


Shopping with Joanie is fun, fun, fun. She knows all the best places and when she doesn't she finds them so easily. Her hubby is a great shuttle shopper too!!! 

Below are the shuttles we found on our travels from SC down to Fl via St Simon's Island near Brunswick.

The wonderful Aero (in the packet) was given to me at Tat Days - would that kind person please stand up and wave, please? 

The wooden one was a gift too - from Nina. I'm dying to use that one as soon as I need to use lots of beads.

19 October 2016

THE book

You are NEVER going to believe this. It was an ordinary day at Chez Eborall when the postman came and delivered THIS. That turned it into an EXTRAORDINARY day.  Nick wondered what on earth was happening when he heard me squealing with delight.

This came from my dear friend Patti Duff.  Poor Patti has been nagged by me for years and years about re-printing her Mini Tats book - it's a wonder she's still speaking to me.  If you're reading this, Patti please consider that another 'nag' about Mini Tats!!!!  Thank you, so much  for the book and for the lovely, lovely letter too. It made me cry. 

I'm sorry, Heidi but I don't 'need' the re-printed version (due next year, folks) but I WILL still have a copy as I have nagged you so much. 

Now I'm in a total quandary. As you know I usually run a Tat It And See in January but this year poor old BC3 has been struggling to think up an idea. At the weekend I noticed that a French tatting group on Facebook were talking about the TIAS and when it was due to 'happen' again. 

YIKES - that gave BC3 a touch of the heeeebeejeebies. Two days later and several ideas had finally arrived but which one and how do I start. This is always the hardest part - the idea and how to start. I've so far done four starts and a fifth is going to happen soon. BUT this new book is SUCH a temptation. Please, please keep me on track with the TIAS.

18 October 2016


Now what's this going to be and why am I making lots of flowers? 

Does anybody have any idea?

17 October 2016


Got the better of me!!!! 

Of course I just couldn't resist making it!!! It's done in Aran wool - two thicknesses too. Hard on the aged hands but well worth it. I had to translate it from American into English but I enjoyed making it. What am I going to use it for? Goodness knows!!! Maybe it may just get left lying around the house as usual until somebody remarks on it and I give it to them. I just have this unbinding 'need' to make!!! Make anything out of anything and when I run out of ideas? I make mischief!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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