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17 October 2016


Got the better of me!!!! 

Of course I just couldn't resist making it!!! It's done in Aran wool - two thicknesses too. Hard on the aged hands but well worth it. I had to translate it from American into English but I enjoyed making it. What am I going to use it for? Goodness knows!!! Maybe it may just get left lying around the house as usual until somebody remarks on it and I give it to them. I just have this unbinding 'need' to make!!! Make anything out of anything and when I run out of ideas? I make mischief!!!!


  1. Fill it with lots of lovely thread!

  2. Fun! I was thinking a thread catcher for bits, but perhaps Maureen's idea is better.

  3. I'm remarking!! I promise to feed Hoot with lots of thread and shuttles and keep him safe!! Lol Just send him up here!!

    Now I'll have to get some Aran yarn etc...

  4. Oh, what a nice owl.


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