25 December 2014

There will be a short break!

Here on this blog there will be a short break over the next few days while the OG eats too much, drinks too much (maybe) and (more than likely) tats too much!!!! The diet will continue after the weekend (but tatting won't be on the diet)!!!  Spent part of this morning chasing the 'part of' a turkey we'd ordered round the car park at the local 'slightly out of town' shopping centre.  Caught the little stinker and pushed him home in my shopping trolley.  Hard work chasing 'parts of' turkeys I can tell you.  Fortunately it had been plucked and prepared for the oven.

BC3 wishes you all a Happy Christmas. May all your tats be successful during the season and the New Year.

Although I'm not a believer in anything (except waking up in the morning alive) I hope your beliefs (whatever they are) satisfy your souls.  

24 December 2014

Last round

Gosh - forgotten I'd still got this in drafts!!!! 

This is a doily that I finished a few weeks ago and totally forgot about. I wanted to play with colours as usual and this is what happened!!!! I'll be giving this to a friend for her birthday which is soon. Poor lass - she'll have so many bits of tatting in her house that she'll soon freak out!!!

23 December 2014

Even MORE!!!!

Well that change of direction from the Inside Out Snowflake to the Fandango one - stuck!!! Well and truly stuck. 

There's something about buttons and beads that attracts BC3 who likes the stability they provide.

Not sure what the one at the bottom on the right was doing barging it's way into  the picture but I do remember thinking it was a 'good idea at the time'.  Then I started on the others and couldn't find the brakes!!!

22 December 2014

When will I ever learn?

That people are wonderful. Look what arrived in the post on Friday. Doodads. All the way from Miranda - here's her blog.  Thank you SO much, Miranda.  

At the moment I'm making starry button bracelets and matching earrings. Why? Not sure really but I think it's a lot to do with having such lovely beads and threads at my disposal. So, looking at the first one I've made and having more doodads this has now made me wonder if I can use them in bracelets (as well as earrings).

There - a new project for after the silly season is over (I blame Pigmini for that terminology). Just what I need although a critter has been haunting my brain for ages and I must do that too before it sneaks off again!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.