22 December 2014

When will I ever learn?

That people are wonderful. Look what arrived in the post on Friday. Doodads. All the way from Miranda - here's her blog.  Thank you SO much, Miranda.  

At the moment I'm making starry button bracelets and matching earrings. Why? Not sure really but I think it's a lot to do with having such lovely beads and threads at my disposal. So, looking at the first one I've made and having more doodads this has now made me wonder if I can use them in bracelets (as well as earrings).

There - a new project for after the silly season is over (I blame Pigmini for that terminology). Just what I need although a critter has been haunting my brain for ages and I must do that too before it sneaks off again!!!


Maureen said...

There hasn't been a new critter for a long time, has there - better grab him quickly! No more tatting time in this household, we are baking now.

Phyllis said...

What a lovely present. I guess you and BC3 will be somewhat out of trouble for a while.

Crazy Mom! said...

Miranda is a lovely generous person - enjoy!!

StringyDogs said...

What fun! No matter what I have on hand, I am always looking for new bits.
I can't wait to see what BC-#3 comes up with!
Merry Christmas! And, thank you for your fun blog.

Linda R

Pigmini said...

So.... you're playing tatting over Silly Season then??? Nothing wrong with the term Silly Season!!! Peeps get silly!!!! Looking forward to a new critter AND what to do with those doodads!!! Goes off muttering about getting hold of doodads to 'keep in with the Janes's.... LOL

Sally Kerson said...

Love the knotty square ones, never seen those before, have fun with them all, very kind of Miranda.

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