21 March 2015

Diamonds all round.

Well that's another tatting adventure finished!! Least I think I've finished although I could well pick it up again sometime in the future and add more diamonds.

It always amazes me how even bonkers colours can work together. I'd never have thought these combinations would work, would you? 

I've been tempted to keep the small square bags I'm making (see my Etsy store) to store different projects in.  I find them really useful.  I'm really pleased that I've already sold four of them and hope to get time to sew once more next week.  

This past week has seen me juggling problems which no normal person has to deal with.  They've taken time and energy with no solution yet in sight.  Still I have kept my sense of humour throughout - it's my most valuable asset!!!

19 March 2015

Shuttles and more bags

I'm going to list six Pop A Bobbin Shuttles and all the square bags today as soon as this post goes live. 

I've managed to make four more bags over the past few days and they're going in the shop too. 

Now just thinking about the bags.  Are there any colours or suggestions that anybody would like me to make?  I'm also happy to make from your own fabric too if you want to send it to me.  Small cost for the zip and time plus the postage back to you.  Just a thought!!!!  Contact me first before sending, though so that I can give advice on how to avoid me having to pay import duty.  Mind, it would have to be a HECK of a lot of fabric to cause that!!!!

18 March 2015

Elizabeth's crocodile

This is a crocodile who came to visit me last week!!! Isn't he cute? I really loved the background of Elizabeth's picture and told her how I admired it. She said that - well, I'll let her tell you.

"One thing about the background. I was going to my brother's one day about 6 miles from here and looked over to the side of the road and saw those trees and water. I stopped and just had to take a photo of it. It was so strange because it was just there in the middle of nothing. Always nice to have your camera with you. Have a good day."

I think the picture is great.  Not sure I'd want to wander through those trees 'just in case' there was a tatted crocodile in there!!!  He might nibble my toes!!

17 March 2015

The reason for the new toys!!

This is why I bought the new 'toys'!! I'm back in sewing mode already - although it's really too cold in the conservatory at the moment!!! I froze my little socks off over the weekend to make these first few square bags as I really, really wanted to play.

Now, they may look like the squared away bags I made last year but they're actually slightly (very slightly) bigger and I've found a new and improved way of putting the zips in.  I've added ends to the zips so that there is no gap at each end of the zipper.   Does that make sense? Let me show you a close up of one.   These bags proved SO popular when I took them with me to America last year that I need to stock up again for the Canadian trip and for the Etsy shop too.

So, these bags will shortly go into my Etsy shop here along with six more Pop A Bobbin Shuttles.  Just need to get them all sorted and photographed and into the shop.  Where does the time go?

16 March 2015

Now what am I up to now?

This arrived a few days ago. Yes, it's a box!!! A big box!! Now, what's inside? Hardly likely to be tatting tools, is it?

Well it's sort of tatting related but you'll have to wait and see why. 

If you scroll further down you'll see what I treated myself to. I blame Crafternoon for this. 

One of the ladies does patchwork and she was using a cutting mat and a rotary cutter a few weeks ago and kindly let me 'have a go' with hers. I must admit I was very impressed so decided that I'd treat myself to the 'kit' of mat, cutter and ruler. More about progress in another post!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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