17 March 2015

The reason for the new toys!!

This is why I bought the new 'toys'!! I'm back in sewing mode already - although it's really too cold in the conservatory at the moment!!! I froze my little socks off over the weekend to make these first few square bags as I really, really wanted to play.

Now, they may look like the squared away bags I made last year but they're actually slightly (very slightly) bigger and I've found a new and improved way of putting the zips in.  I've added ends to the zips so that there is no gap at each end of the zipper.   Does that make sense? Let me show you a close up of one.   These bags proved SO popular when I took them with me to America last year that I need to stock up again for the Canadian trip and for the Etsy shop too.

So, these bags will shortly go into my Etsy shop here along with six more Pop A Bobbin Shuttles.  Just need to get them all sorted and photographed and into the shop.  Where does the time go?


Jane McLellan said...

Ah, you're putting those tools to good use!

muskaan said...

That was snappy ! It's raining pouches :-) Beautiful and practical.

Tatfully Yours said...

I hope my tatting needle container will fit in one of these lovely bags!!!

Jane Eborall said...

Not sure, Kelly BUT your new shuttle will. Don't forget I'm tying you to a chair in September and you're GONNA learn to do proper tatting!!!!

Anonymous said...

The bit of fabric to keep from having a gap at the bottom of the zipper is a fantastic idea!

The butterflies and the red/orange flowers on yellow look so cheerful and spring-like. :-)

Maureen said...

I can see my yellow roly poly bag turned into a square one!

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