1 September 2012

On a roll!

So on this round I've decided to do every other space with a new motif.  Lots of Yarnplayer's thread in there too - yummmmyyyyyy.

Can you see the forward planning here?  If you can then you're a mind reader cause there isn''t one!!!

31 August 2012

Another round started!

Well you can see that I finished the first seven motifs to form a small mat but then the fascination with the colours continued.

Top left and you can see that I've started another round.  The woman's MAD, isn't she?

Meanwhile I continue to pack and un-pack, re-pack time and time again trying to decide what to not take on our trip!!!

30 August 2012

3 and a bit motifs

I've got the 'bit between my teeth' now - can you tell?  

I love also playing with the threads I've got and this sort of motif is ideal for 'showing off' the HDT.  The first motif I did (that's the one at the top on the right in this picture) is some of Jessi's thread and will form the centre of this little cluster.  I like the way the spaces are forming between them all too.

29 August 2012

2 motifs

Having done one it seemed like a good idea to try for a pair.  

I really love outlining motifs with black.  I always think that it looks like the stained glass you get in church windows.  So, here I have two motifs.

Had a smashing day yesterday - I met Mark Myers mum and dad.  You know who I mean - the megga talented Tatman.  We had a lovely day looking round the town and I even managed to sneak them into the auditorium of one of our three theatres too!!!  

28 August 2012

More on yesterday's motif

After my start on this idea I did change the centre as you can see below.  I wanted this to be a design that could be useful for any teacher who wanted to teach a few advanced ideas.

I think you'll agree that it looks like two simple rounds.  Well, sorry, it isn't two rounds - well, it is sort of but it's worked in one 'hit'.

I've sort of 'stolen' the middle out of the roundabout motif (but changed it slightly) and used another idea from here to make this little motif.  OK, it needed a bit of fiddling around with to get it as I really wanted it but in the end I'm pleased with it.

27 August 2012

Start of a new motif

Look at this really simple looking motif.  Doesn't it look easy?  Two rounds only.

This is a wee motif that I started after the Roundabout motif.  Looks OK but I didn't like the 'bare midriff' in the middle so I've sorted that out (I think) - more over the next few days.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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