27 August 2012

Start of a new motif

Look at this really simple looking motif.  Doesn't it look easy?  Two rounds only.

This is a wee motif that I started after the Roundabout motif.  Looks OK but I didn't like the 'bare midriff' in the middle so I've sorted that out (I think) - more over the next few days.


Anne said...

Hi Jane

I like the clarity of the design and also the colour combination.

Sally Kerson said...

I also like the colours.
Anyway you have no time to fiddle with tating at the moment, you should be packing!

Unknown said...

Love the colours!

Luv Jane XX

Margarets designer cards said...

Great design and pattern, nice colours

God's Kid said...

Really sweet! :)

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Happy Beaks
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