7 June 2014

Well, you all knew it

You knew that I wasn't quite 'all there' in the brain cell capacity and now I'm going to have to admit that I know it too!!!

I was preparing the next pattern to put on the pattern pages when I went to look at the small horse again. Dozy old mooooo that I am - I'd omitted the drawing from the page!!! So, here it is with the drawing too!!! I hang the aged head in shame!!!

When making a pattern page I try like crazy to get everything onto as few pages as possible.  That may have been the reason the drawing got omitted on the small horse pattern!!!!

It REALLY ANNOYS ME when people spread a simple pattern over about five sheets of paper. I mean - WHAT a waste of ink, paper and natural resources!!!   I also moan about the size of font used and the type of font. 

One thing I learned early in my online days is that Times Roman (the usual default font used on most computers) is about the hardest one to read either in a book or online.  I always change mine to Helvetica or (my favourite) Verdana.

6 June 2014

A green set

This time I've got a green bracelet and earring set to show you. I just love making these - buttons and beads go so well together.

I've got a few more sets to show you and I really, really hope to get two more patterns up soon. 

Every time I try to find time to sort them something else becomes a priority. I'm seriously thinking of getting a job so that I've got more time to do the things I like. 

5 June 2014

More bookmarks!

Before I show you the bookmarks - I'm going to add the link to the radio interview I did the other day - in case anybody wants to hear it!! Just scroll along to 01.15 about a third of the way through to find it!!!

Now to what I really want to show you - more of the Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It bookmarks which are ready either for my friend to choose from or for the vending room at Tat Days!!! 

If you want one for yourself before then please take a wander over to my Etsy shop here.  I'm going to make more of the new bags too - when leaky roofs and a plethora of other 'rest of life' problems have been sorted!!!!

4 June 2014

Fifteen minutes of fame!

I've had my fifteen minutes of 'fame'.  

Well that's not quite true. It was more like infamy!!!!  You know me or should do by now!!  I don't like 'fame' and would rather be known as infamous!!  What's that silly saying?  'Infamy, infamy - they've all got it infamy'!!!!!!

Now for the story!!  Some weeks ago the local radio station rang me up to ask about some family history.  Bearing in mind that my family have been terrorising the local area for generations I was surprised they'd bother!!!!   Well that led eventually to us talking about - guess what?  Yes, tatting.

They rang again last week to ask me to go to Coventry to do an interview but as I'm terrified of driving there and wouldn't dream of doing it they decided to do it over the phone which suited me a lot better!!!

So, we talked tatting with a little bit of family history at the end!!!  Great fun but I don't think I'll make a career of it!!!  Well, it would be hard to really as you can't talk about tatting all day and every day - can you?!?!?!?  Hmmm, tat's food for thought - now where's my brain cell three when I want him? 

3 June 2014

Just pink

The top two earrings are the new ones - just finished and 'thrown' onto the scanner!!! When I get to the stiffening stage I'll squidge them into shape with the glue too!!!

The one at the bottom was the ones I was trying to replace as I made them YEARS ago and they've gone all 'skanky' - if that's a word!!!!

2 June 2014

Will you get bored?

Yes, I think you might!!!! I'm going to be blogging some of my recent 'makes' so you may well start yawning and groaning!!!

Please don't leave me, though as I will be putting up more interesting 'stuff' during the boring phase - tat's a promise!!!

Today I'm showing you the first of my latest 'got to just tat' things. I go through phases of just wanting to 'make something'. I can't live a day without making something (sometimes just mischief) and designing new 'stuff' means I go days and days without actually 'making' anything I can share.  I enjoy that too but sometimes one just 'has to tat'!!!!

So, below is a Starry Button Bracelet and a pair of these earrings.  Now I know I've got earrings that 'go' with the bracelet but they are rather larger than most people would wear. These are going to be gifts so I'm more 'careful' about sizing. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.