4 June 2014

Fifteen minutes of fame!

I've had my fifteen minutes of 'fame'.  

Well that's not quite true. It was more like infamy!!!!  You know me or should do by now!!  I don't like 'fame' and would rather be known as infamous!!  What's that silly saying?  'Infamy, infamy - they've all got it infamy'!!!!!!

Now for the story!!  Some weeks ago the local radio station rang me up to ask about some family history.  Bearing in mind that my family have been terrorising the local area for generations I was surprised they'd bother!!!!   Well that led eventually to us talking about - guess what?  Yes, tatting.

They rang again last week to ask me to go to Coventry to do an interview but as I'm terrified of driving there and wouldn't dream of doing it they decided to do it over the phone which suited me a lot better!!!

So, we talked tatting with a little bit of family history at the end!!!  Great fun but I don't think I'll make a career of it!!!  Well, it would be hard to really as you can't talk about tatting all day and every day - can you?!?!?!?  Hmmm, tat's food for thought - now where's my brain cell three when I want him? 


Jane McLellan said...

Sounds fun and good publicity for tatting. Yeah, sure I could talk about tatting all day, what else is there to talk about??

Pigmini said...

Hope you recorded it Miss.... I shall come down to listen!!!! VBG

Miranda said...

Do you think the radio station will have the interview on their website so we can all hear it?

Jane Eborall said...

It's available online - just found it!!! Here's the link
You can scroll to 01.15 about a third of the way through to find it and miss the rest!!!

Frivole said...

Very nice to hear you talking about tatting on the radio Jane! Only 6 days left to listen to the clip… are you able to save it for yourself?

Jane Eborall said...

No idea, Frivole!!! I'll have to ask around!!!

Robin Perfetti said...

Great interview! Just finished listening to it :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Wow! Cool interview! Thanks to Miranda for suggesting we might hear it! It’s totally amazing that we in the US can hear something broadcast in the UK via the internet! (And surely you can ‘tape’ it via your computer somehow!)

How neat to hear your voice with your laughter and sense of humor shining through! Marian at least was familiar with crochet and was aware of what tatting looked like. And was genuinely surprised that you’ve gone ‘global’! Is there any way we can email her at the station to thank her for her interview? She might be blown away that we ‘heard’ it in the US! The wine story was cute, too!

I just had a little problem finding the correct broadcast! I was surprised it was on just today, the 4th, and not yesterday! So you were on ‘Vic’s’ show, but “Marian” was filling in?! I’m also surprised at the format of news and music and talk. Our shows are usually all news, all talk, or all music! And also hearing ‘oldies’, too, by US artists! Amazing! I guess I am surprised that you don’t like to drive. You’re so fearless about flying!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Oops! It WAS yesterday, the 3rd!

Julie Romero said...

That was positively fun to listen too :-) Thank you for sharing!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Well done big sister you managed to get tatting and family in at the same time. Pity we do not have that recipe for rhubarb wine but your nephew makes a lovely rhubarb liquor

Fox said...

I have tried three times over the past few days to leave a comment, but the iPad was not being nice. So, on the laptop, here I am,finally, hankering for an autograph!

Lovely to hear you and nice lengthy interview. Well done. You are a great ambassador for Tat-Land.

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