6 June 2014

A green set

This time I've got a green bracelet and earring set to show you. I just love making these - buttons and beads go so well together.

I've got a few more sets to show you and I really, really hope to get two more patterns up soon. 

Every time I try to find time to sort them something else becomes a priority. I'm seriously thinking of getting a job so that I've got more time to do the things I like. 


  1. The green set is wonderful! And yes, it does seem that the busier we are, the more we get done.

  2. Hmmm.... green.... not sure that I 'do' green!! LOL It must be the irish blood in me!! (or is that guinness... I can never remember... VBG)

    Now where are these patterns Miss????

  3. reminds me of my birthstone color - peridot. :) lovely!


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Happy Beaks
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