3 June 2014

Just pink

The top two earrings are the new ones - just finished and 'thrown' onto the scanner!!! When I get to the stiffening stage I'll squidge them into shape with the glue too!!!

The one at the bottom was the ones I was trying to replace as I made them YEARS ago and they've gone all 'skanky' - if that's a word!!!!


Unknown said...

Totally Jane Eborall; simplicity with a twist. Easy, but only at the first glance... Then you tat it with the eyes (reflex we all have) and you realize the very long beaded picot passing through another picot.

Jane Eborall said...

That's right, Corina. I did a technique page about it back in 2008. Here's the link.

Memé (Cel: +56 9 9872 7536) said...

Thank you Jane. You are great and so generous with your tatting knowlwdges

Memé (Cel: +56 9 9872 7536) said...

Thanks Jane. you are great and always very generous with your knowledge of tatting

God's Kid said...

Very nice earrings!! :)

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Happy Beaks
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