21 June 2008

51 down - 49 to go!!

The small snowflakes I'm working on are only teeny tiny ones - 10 minutes a snowflake!!! I sort of 'race and pace' myself when doing these so they go faster than usual!!!

Yesterday I made a couple (or was it three?) roly poly bags and have thought of two improvements to the pouches. Major improvements to the two shuttle one which will ......... I'll show you when I've made one!!!

Now another thing which has shaken tat land during the past few days has been somebody who has been taking images from other's sites/blogs etc and using them to publish 'her' e-book. Not only doing this without permission but also charging for patterns (when you eventually get to the 'nitty gritty') that are already in the public domain!!! She would have you believe that the images she's using are the patterns in the book. Very misleading. In the UK we have a very good law which is the 'Trade Descriptions Act'. This means that if she lived here she would be in major trouble. Also charging $27 for something which is available for free AND not refunding a purchasers money as promised if they're dissatisfied is downright criminal.
If you want this lady's (or man's) email address and further information please ask me for it. DON'T buy any online patters from anywhere before reading the small print and asking around first.

20 June 2008

A day in the life of ME!!!!!

On odd occasions we take a trip 'out of town'. Yesterday was one such day.
Have you heard the nursery rhyme - 'Ride a cock horse to Banbury cross'? Well we took the car there (to Banbury) yesterday (couldn't find a horse anywhere!).
The small market town is about twenty miles from where I live and has a shopping centre (the 'normal' boring sort with all the big stores) and some super small shops like our town used to have. There are several fabric shops so they were a great place to browse.
I found some Opera thread which I bo
ught for a friend (£1.00 a ball) and some zips on a market stall (there's a great street market on a Thursday and Saturday) for my roly poly zip bags.
I also posted the penultimate bag off to America from the Post Office which is close by the cross. Hope to start on another 'batch' this afternoon for the Etsy shop where the last one is at the moment.
I'm also working on some shuttle pouches and will pop pictures of them on this post. The
re are one or two 'design issues' at the moment which need to be sorted!!!
OK below are the two pouches. The one on the left holds two bobbin shuttles with integral 'pockets' to hold two further spare bobbins. The pouch on the right holds four shuttles with pockets for a further 4 bobbins. I think I will go with the 2 pocket pouch. I only make things I just KNOW I will use. I've been meaning to make a 2 shuttle pouch now for ages - one to fit the roly poly bags. I'm also thinking along the lines of a 'hook/pick' protector at the bottom of the pocket but I'm not sure what to use or how to 'fit' it. I will get there in the end!!!!

Tatting at the moment is a no, no. I can't get started on anything new. I made a tentative start the other day but it went nowhere. Then a friend rang (I do wedding stationary tatting for her) and asked for another 100 snowflakes. Doing these on 'autopilot' gives my mind time to wander and the ideas usually start to flow as the boredom sets in!!!! I've done 41 so after today should've cracked the half way point!!! THEN I may go back to the sequin 'share a tat' as I have more ideas about those.

17 June 2008

Simply a teaser!!

I thought I'd just show a picture of what the bonus is for TIAS 3!!! As this game is on url's it can be started and completed at any time. There are now 70 ladies up in cyberspace with a few more promised. Now, as you know, I did say there would be a bonus and a few were expecting the man to go with the lady. I thought I might just add a picture of the bonus to this to this blog to show you what everybody who has completed got. Just the picture, mind, not the pattern - you have to earn it!! DO I LOVE teasing?!?!?
I can see this little family being great for kids clothes, on cards or just little giveaways.
I've just added the lamb to a 'bonus bonus' page. This is Martha's and I've added it to a another page to save you printing off all the others again!!!! It can be reached from the bonus page!!!!
I also must mention before I go that the TIAS will still be accessible from this page forever or until I run out of space on the server!!!

15 June 2008

During the TIAS

While the TIAS has been going on I've had to take a break from designing. Well actually the TIAS took a lot of my time so to give it the amount of attention it needed I found that my two working brain cells were being run under full pressure!!! So, I did stuff for myself. Well, I made them for me but I doubt I'll ever wear them as I don't go to 'posh' places!!!!!
This set of necklace, bracelet and earrings is the pattern I've been playing with for a while. I've used some antique beads for the centres of the daisies and 'regular' beads as well. The antique beads are known (I believe) as carnival beads. I love them.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.